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Aluminum PCB

Aluminum PCB

What is Aluminum PCB

Aluminum PCB is a metal-based CCL(Copper Clad Laminate) with good heat dissipation ability. Generally, PCB consists of three layers, namely the circuit layer(copper foil), the insulating layer, and the metal substrate. For high-end applications, it is also designed for double-layer boards, whose structure is the circuit layer, the insulating layer, the aluminum base, the insulating layer, and the circuit layer. There are few applications of multi-layer boards, and they can be made by bonding ordinary multi-layer boards with insulating layers and aluminum substrates.


Advantages of Aluminum PCB:

1) Protect the environment: Aluminum is non-toxic and recyclable. Since aluminum is easy to assemble, it helps save energy.

2) Heat dissipation: High temperatures can seriously damage electronic devices. Aluminum can help components to dissipate heat, thereby minimizing the harmful effects(heat) on circuit boards.

3) Durability: Aluminum has the strength and durability that ceramic or glass fiber substrate cannot provide, which can reduce accidental damage during manufacturing, handling, and daily use.

4) Lightweight: Aluminum is a surprisingly lightweight metal. Aluminum adds strength and elasticity without adding any extra weight.



Application of Aluminum PCB:

The biggest advantage of aluminum PCB is its excellent heat dissipation efficiency. It transfers heat and rapidly cools the components, which can improve the overall performance of the final product. Therefore, aluminum PCB is an ideal solution for high-density and high-power products (such as LED applications, power supplies, computers, etc.).


View our manufacturing capacity of Aluminum PCB in the table below:


NEXTPCB Manufacturing Capacity of Aluminum PCB


Manufacturing Capabilities


Aluminum core (Domestic 1060), Copper core, FR4 covering

Thermal conductivity


Min. Track/Spacing


Min. Hole Size


Base Material

Aluminum, FR4, Flex, Flex-rigid, HDI, Rogers, etc.

Board Thickness


Surface Finishing

Immersion gold, OSP, Hard Gold, Immersion Silver, ENEPIG

Finish Copper Weight


Solder Mask

Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, White, Black, Purple, Matte Black, Matte green


White, Black

Via Process

Tenting Vias, Plugged Vias, Vias not covered


Fly Probe Testing (Free) and A.O.I. testing


Aluminum PCB Quote Online


If you have heat dissipation issues in your PCB design, aluminum PCB should be your First Choice. NextPCB provides all types of aluminum PCB, including single-sided aluminum PCB, multilayer aluminum PCB, mixed aluminum PCB, flexible aluminum PCB, through-hole aluminum PCB, and Other categories, such as general-purpose aluminum PCB, high thermal conductivity aluminum PCB, and high-frequency aluminum PCB, etc. If you need more detailed information about our aluminum PCB, please contact us(email to

Recommended Products
  • Driving recorder HDI

    Material: Fr-4

    Layer Count: 6 layers

    PCB Thickness: 1.2mm

    Min. Trace / Space Outer: 0.102mm/0.1mm

    Min. Drilled Hole: 0.1mm

    Via Process: Tenting Vias

    Surface Finish: ENIG+OSP

  • Communication HDI

    Material: Fr-4

    Layer Count: 6 layers

    PCB Thickness: 1.0mm

    Min. Trace / Space Outer: 0.075mm

    Min. Drilled Hole: 0.1mm

    Via Process: Tenting Vias

    Surface Finish: ENIG

  • HDI-14 layers

    Material: Fr-4

    Layer Count: 14 layers

    PCB Thickness: 1.6mm

    Min. Trace / Space Outer: 4/4mil

    Min. Drilled Hole: 0.25mm

    Via Process: Tenting Vias

    Surface Finish: ENIG