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HQDFM Gerber Viewer is a free advanced online Gerber Viewer tool that can display and analyze Gerber files from PCB CAD software including Altium Designer, OrCad/Allegro, Eagle, KiCad, DipTrace, DesignSpark, EasyEDA and many more.

In addition to rendering Gerber files, HQDFM can perform in-depth Design for Manufacture (DFM) analysis on your design in seconds, providing valuable insights in how you can improve your PCB design and avoid costly mistakes.

Free Online Gerber Viewer and DFM Analysis Tool: HQDFM Gerber Viewer


With Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design, having the right tools can significantly impact the outcome. One of the most crucial tools to possess is a dependable Gerber file viewer - and not just any viewer, but an online Gerber file viewer that includes advanced Design for Manufacture (DFM) analysis capabilities. This is precisely what HQDFM offers with its extensive Gerber Viewer and DFM Analysis features, all readily available online and free of charge.

HQDFM Online Gerber Viewer: An Overview

HQDFM Gerber Viewer is an accurate, advanced online Gerber viewer that supports Gerber files from a broad range of PCB CAD software, including but not limited to Altium Designer, OrCad/Allegro, Eagle, KiCad, DipTrace, DesignSpark, and EasyEDA.

Beyond just rendering Gerber files, HQDFM sets itself apart from other free Gerber viewers online by performing in-depth DFM analysis on your designs within seconds. This feature empowers designers with valuable insights on how to optimize their PCB designs for reliability and avoid expensive errors.

What are Gerber Files

Gerber files serve as the de facto standard for encoding PCB data. While various PCB design software can convert designs into Gerber format, conversion errors can occur, making it paramount for designers to verify their Gerber files. This is where the importance of an accurate online Gerber viewer comes into play, especially one like HQDFM which leverages over 15 years of PCB manufacturing expertise from NextPCB.

HQDFM: An Online Gerber Viewer and More

HQDFM Gerber Viewer is a streamlined, cross-platform, online version of the HQDFM desktop application from NextPCB. It can render RS-274x and Extended (X2) Gerber and OBD++ formats and provides DFM insights, including the detection of shorts/opens, missing solder mask openings, clearance violations, and more. A free report can be downloaded with further details and insights.

Why is DFM Analysis Important?

DFM analysis is a critical aspect of PCB manufacturing. In the most literal sense, DFM checks if the PCB design can be manufactured, which is what most manufacturers look at as part of the free DFM review. DFM errors discovered after handoff can cause unpredictable delays as designers communicate back-and-forth with manufacturers. To reduce wait time, manufacturers may choose to report only the most serious problems.

HQDFM’s insights are not limited to just manufacturability.

HQDFM can help you:

  • 1. Ensure your boards can be manufactured by your supplier
  • 2. Discover manufacturing insights to reduce unnecessary costs
  • 3. Maximize the reliability and lifespan of your boards in the field

So it makes sense to integrate DFM review with HQDFM as part of the design verification phase of any product’s development. Checking Gerber files as early as possible is paramount to optimizing reliability and performance.

Noteworthy Features

HQDFM is not just another Gerber viewer; it brings a host of features that make it quite possibly the best free online Gerber viewer around:

  • 1. Checks for over 20 Design for Manufacture issues
  • 2. Layer-by-layer navigation of your PCB design
  • 3. Free downloadable DFM Report for more detailed analysis
  • 4. Easy, one-click ordering with HQ NextPCB
  • 5. Absolutely free to use, with no sign-up or obligation

Just drag and drop your PCB Gerber files to the Gerber Viewer page and experience the difference it can make to your PCB design and manufacturing workflow.