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    We have passed ISO9001, ISO14001, IATF16949 (automotive certification), UL multilayer board, CQC, REACH, GB-T29490 and other full series of quality management system, environmental management system and intellectual property management system certifications; and passed the self-developed MES system Strict process control, data control and visualization control to achieve high-reliability product delivery.


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    We have been committed to becoming a highly reliable multilayer board manufacturer, investing in the construction of a PCB industrial park covering an area of 166,666 ㎡, with strict international environmental protection qualifications; only purchasing high-precision equipment such as Taiwan Dongtai drilling machine, Japanese famous machine (MEIKI) vacuum heating Advanced equipment such as presses, Taiwan Ming Ming plating line, cosmic horizon, high-end LDI laser exposure machine, digital inkjet character printer, flying probe tester imported from Germany, etc.

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