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Rich PCB Assembly Capabilities

Double-sided, mixed surface mount/through-hole PCB assembly, reflow, wave/selective wave soldering, 01005 (0402) size parts, 0.25mm pitch BGAs and fine-pitch parts and more.

Quick Turnkey PCB Assembly from 5 days

Get boards assembled from 24 hours once all parts are available and choose from over 600k local stock for extra fast turnaround.

Direct Manufacturer Pricing

Skip the middle man and get transparent pricing straight from the manufacturer. Get low operation, assembly and parts fees for the same high-quality and service.

Free Design for Assembly Review

Get an expert second opinion with the DFA review and ensure your entire PCB production runs smoothly from start to finish.

HQ NextPCB Turnkey PCB Assembly Capabilities

Full-Feature PCB Assembly (PCBA)

Agile turnkey PCB assembly from China, catering to all requirements, whether for prototyping or mass production.

Reliable PCB and Stencil Manufacture

Reliable electronics start with reliable PCBs.

With everything in-house, you can be sure your PCBs and PCB stencil will be prepared to meet HQ NextPCB assembly requirements from the beginning.

Smart Parts Sourcing and Robust Supply Chain

Take advantage of NextPCB's expansive supply chain network and flexible parts sourcing options to make sure you have the parts you need when you need them.

Inspection, Testing and IC Programming/Flashing

Rigorous quality measures at each stage from DFA file review, automated inspections to testing ensure your products keep delivering out in the field.

    Assembly Types

  • Surface mount assembly (SMT)
  • Through-hole assembly (THT)
  • Mixed (SMT+THT)
  • Single/Double sided assembly
  • Automated/Manual soldering

    PCB Types

  • Rigid PCBs
  • FR4
  • Aluminum
  • Flex PCBs
  • Rigid-flex PCBs

    Component Types

  • 0.25mm pitch BGAs
  • 0.25mm pitch fine-pitch parts
  • 01005 (0402) chip size parts

    Solder Type

  • Lead-free RoHS compliant solder

    Production Volume

  • No MOQ. From one piece to mass production volumes

    Assembly Leadtime

  • From 24 hours once all parts are ready

Smarter, Cheaper, Faster Turnkey PCB Assembly

HQ NextPCB’s integrated smart quotation system extracts live stock information and prices from global distributors such as Digikey, Mouser and Element14 to give you fast and accurate quotations at market prices.

With HQ NextPCB, you deal with the manufacturer, not a broker. Get lower prices for the same quality and service.

Get instant quotations anytime, anywhere, as many times as you like with the smart quotation platform.

Transparent pricing and cost breakdown gives you greater clarity and cost consistency.

Use HQ Online to unlock fast-turnaround PCB Assembly from 5 working days

With HQ Online,get access to over 600,000 in stock parts ready in days not weeks.

Parts from over 3000+ international brands at local prices.

Genuine parts guaranteed.

Up to 5x faster turnkey PCB assembly

How to Order Turnkey PCB Assembly with HQ NextPCB

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Parts Purchasing
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HQ NextPCB PCB Assembly Facilities Showcase

NextPCB’s factory showcase is a testament to embracing Industry 4.0 digital transformation, in-line with NextPCB’s ambitions of modernizing the electronics manufacturing industry. By implementing advanced automation and an independently developed MES system, NextPCB can maintain consistently high-reliability PCBs at exceptional speeds without compromising cost.

NextPCB has two major PCB assembly factories with a combined area of 15,000m² catered to prototyping and mass production PCB assembly. Equipped with 36 state-of-the-art fully automated assembly lines, NextPCB has a daily production capacity of over 98 million parts for small, medium to large volumes with in-house AOI, x-ray inspection and testing capabilities.

  • solder paste inspection machine

    ALeader ALD-ST2-300I Solder Paste Inspection Machine

  • autock at-320 automatic optical depaneling machine

    Anda Automation Conformal Coating machine and Infared (IR) Curing Oven

  • siemens e by siplace pick and place machines

    ASM (SIEMENS) E by SIPLACE Pick and Place machines

  • AUTOCK AT-320 Automatic Optical Depaneling Machine

  • Continuous Wave Soldering Machine

  • JT JTR-1000D SMT Reflow Oven

  • reflow aoi machine

    Jutze Pre & Post Reflow AOI Machine

  • automated solder paste printer

    Right ASE Fully Automated Solder Paste Printer

  • SCIENSCOPE VIEW X2000 BGA X-ray Inspection Machine

  • TFT TFT350 First Article Inspection (FAI) Tester

  • bga rework station

    Zhenxun ZX-CP300 BGA Rework Station

What Our Customers Say

We have contracted NextPCB twice now to make some high specification 6-layer prototypes, both times NextPCB have exceeded our expectations and produced the assembled PCBs to the same quality as our volume production house. We enjoyed working with Julia who is a very experienced engineer and made the whole process as pain free as possible.

We will definitely use NextPCB for other jobs and are happy to have found them.

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Have full confidence in your products with turnkey PCB Assembly from HQ NextPCB
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