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PCB Capabilities

In the table below is a key PCB capability list of NextPCB’s printed circuit board manufacturing. This table is designed to help you understand if our capabilities are a match for your design. It will also allow you to plan ahead and create your design within these capabilities so that you can be sure we can produce your PCB.

PCB Specifications
Items Manufacturing Capabilities Notes Patterns
Layer count 1 - 32 layers Quantity of copper layers on the board /
Impedance For 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 layers PCB, PCB Stackup designed by NextPCB(by default), or PCB Stackup designed by customers

Layer Stackup Structure

Impedance Calculation Parameter

Impedance tolerance ±10% / /
Material FR-4 FR-4: TG130/TG150/TG170
PCB material dielectric constant 4.2 Prepreg dielectric constant (prepregtype: 7628/1080/2313/2116, dielectric constant: 4.2) /
Max. dimension 1-2 layers: 500*600mm
4-20 layers: 400*500mm
The maximum dimension that
NextPCB can do
Min. dimension Length and width ≥10mm Min. dimension = 10*10mm /
Dimension tolerance CNC: ±0.15mm, V-CUT: ±0.2mm ±0.15mm for CNC routing,
and ±0.2mm for V-scoring
PCB thickness 0.6/0.8/1.0/1.2/1.6/2.0/2.5/3.0/3.2mm The thickness of finished board
Thickness tolerance
( Thickness≥1.0mm)
±10% e.g. If the board thickness is 1.6mm, the finished board thickness ranges from 1.44mm(1.6-1.6×10%) to 1.76mm(1.6+1.6×10%) /
Thickness tolerance
( Thickness < 1.0mm)
±0.1mm e.g. If the board thickness is 0.8mm, the finished board thickness ranges from 0.7mm(0.8-0.1) to 0.9mm(0.8+0.1) /
Finished copper weight 1 oz/2 oz Finished copper weight of outer layer could be 1 oz/2 oz
Inner copper weight 0.5 oz/1 oz/2 oz Finished copper weight of inner layer could be 0.5 oz/1 oz/2 oz
Surface finish HASL/Lead free HASL/ENIG/OSP / /
HDI structure Rank 1 /Rank 2 /Rank 3 Mechanical blind buried vias or laser blind buried vias(electroplating Via-filling is available) or laser blind vias filling dimple ≤ 15µm /
Electrical test Flying Probe/Special test fixture No limits for Flying Probe. Max. 14000 Pads can be tested by PCB test fixture /
Beveling angle of gold finger 20°/30°/45°/60° / /
Beveling angle tolerance of gold finger ±5° / /
Beveling depth tolerance of gold finger ±0.1mm / /
Outline tolerance ±0.15mm / /
V-CUT angle 30°/45°/60° / /
Number of V-CUT ≤30 cuts / /
V-CUT outline size 55mm ≤ length/width ≤ 480mm / /
V-CUT residue thickness 0.25mm ≤ v-cut residue thickness ≤ 0.4mm / /
Drill/Hole Size
Minimum Annular Ring
Minimum Clearance
Minimum Trace Width and Spacing
Solder Mask
Board Outlines
Manufacturable Notes for Different PCB Design Softwares