PCB Capabilities

In the table below is a key PCB capability list of NextPCB’s printed circuit board manufacturing.
This table is designed to help you understand if our capabilities are a match for your design.
It will also allow you to plan ahead and create your design within these capabilities
so that you can be sure we can produce your PCB.

ItemsManufacturing CapabilitiesNotes
Layer Count 1-16 Layers If you need order 12 layers or more, please contact us free.
Board Thickness 0.6-2.5mm The PCB thickness we could fabricate is 0.6/0.8/1.0/1.2/1.6/2.0/2.5
Thickness Tolerance


± 10%
Thickness Tolerance


± 0.1mm
Outer Copper Weight (finished) 35um/70um/105um


Inner Copper Weight (finished) 0.5OZ/1OZ
Materials Fr-4, Aluminum, Rogers, Arlon, Polyamide. You could order Fr-4 directly on our website, If you need Aluminum, Rogers, Arlon, Polyamide or other material, please contact our sales.
Surface Finish Tin / Lead Solder (HASL), ENIG,
Max. Dimension 510*590mm We could do 580*620mm max. size for 1- and 2-layer PCB.
4 Layers or more will abbey this max. size standard.
Dimension Tolerance


±0.2mm ±0.2mm for CNC milling, and ±0.2mm for V-cut
Solder Mask LPI We have green, red, white, yellow, blue, black and matte black solder mask color.
Min. Trace 3.5mil We accept min. trace as 3.5mil if you order is 6 layers or more.
Normally min. trace space is 4mil.
Min. Trace Spacing 3.5mil We accept min. trace spacing as 3.5mil if you order is 6 layers or more.
Normally min. trace space is 4mil.
Min. hole size 0.2mm If your order min. hole is bigger than 0.3mm, there is no extra fee.
Min. Via diameter 0.45mm
Via To Trace ≥5mil Minimum space between via(plated holes) and trace is 5mil.
Drill Hole Size 0.2-6.3mm Min. drill size is 0.2mm, Max. drill size is 6.3mm.
The Tolerance of
±0.05mm e.g. For the 0.6mm hole, the finished hole size between 0.55mm to
0.65mm is acceptable.
Annular Ring ≥5mil
Min. Legend Width ≥0.15mm
Min. Legend Height ≥0.8mm
Trace to Outline ≥0.4mm
Min. Edge Rails ≥3mm
Min. Half Hole Diameter ≥0.5mm
Panelization V-scoring, Tab-routing, Tab-routing with Perforation (Stamp Holes)
Certifications IATF16949 & ISO14001 & ISO9001 & UL & RoHS & CQC & REACH Certificate
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