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USA PCB Manufacturer in the 2024

Posted:10:58 AM December 29, 2022 writer: NextPCB

It can be difficult to find the best PCB manufacturer in Singapore, not in the USA.  A web search returns many companies with very little quality data that would help you to choose a quality one.

With many choices of PCB manufacturers out there, it can be hard to know which one to go with. Quality and price are big considerations when it comes to PCB manufacturing. When you find a reliable manufacturer that has all the capabilities you need, as well as customer service, price, and satisfaction ratings that give you peace of mind, then you are making the right choice for your business.

We've done a lot of the research and analysis work for you, which means less time spent worrying about marketing and more time for other aspects of your business.

Types of PCB Manufacturers 

The following are the steps that occur in order to produce a PCB; first, an electronics engineer creates the design of the board. Next, a PCB manufacturer creates the board, an assembler places components onto it, and at last there is a quality control test.

Some businesses offer a one-stop solution for all your needs, while others offer only one or two solutions to your problems. If you need more than one service, you will likely have to work with multiple companies as a part of a supply chain.

There are a lot of different small private companies in the PCB industry that all provide their own unique services. Large electronics companies often have their own PCB divisions that are fully integrated into on-site operations. Some businesses design PCBs in-house but outsource manufacturing and assembly to China for invisibility to the customer. Data on their operations are typically proprietary, making it difficult to get information about their true size.

Comparison Table of USA PCB Manufacturer

Criteria Google reviews Avg. review rating (Out of 5) Controlled impedance Flexible PCB Services
Advanced Circuitry 8 4.8 Offer Offer PCBA
Optima Technology Associates 1 5 Offer Offer PCB
Bay Area Circuits 3 4.3 Offer No PCBA
Journey Circuits 5 4.2 Offer Offer PCB
TechnoTrionX 2 5 Offer No PCBA
Redboard Circuits     Offer   PCB
Thomas Instrumentation 4 5 Offer Offer PCBA
A.C.T     Offer Offer PCBA, PCB
Epec Engineered Technologies 7 4.4 Offer No PCBA, PCB
San Francisco Circuit 2 3.5 Offer Offer PCB

List of Top 10 Best PCB Manufacturers in the USA

The order of this list of PCB manufacturing companies in the United States is random. No first or second preference. OEMs and EMSs should select the best company that meets their expectations for design, manufacturing, lead time, and cost-effectiveness.

1. Advanced Circuitry International (ACI)

With over 40 years of experience, ACI is the leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality RF and microwave PCBs. This company has manufacturing facilities in a number of locations, including Georgia, Atlanta, Curitiba, and Gandhinagar. They have also been awarded ISO 9001:2008 certification for their ability to manufacture some of the most trusted PCBs on the market.

The certified manufacturing company has the latest equipment, technology, and facilities to ensure that it provides quality PCB products and services. It also employs highly skilled and trained staff who are capable of catering to a diverse range of PCB needs.

The printed circuit board manufacturing company has four world-class production facilities on four different continents, though it has its primary base in Duluth, Georgia.

  • The PCB manufacturing process starts with developing the PCB layout. Next, we produce a prototype of your design having diverse types and sizes. If you need to produce prototypes or batches in high quantity, they include multi-layer boards with buried or blind vias, a low tolerance layer, and precise registration.
  • When it comes to PCB fabrication, there are unique needs for everyone. We're here to be your on-demand PCB fabricator and make sure that we can provide you with the right solutions to bring your product to life.
  • PCB materials are stocked in their storage facilities, which means shorter lead times, lower prices and improved supply chain efficiency.
  • Large-scale printed circuit boards
  • We'll be there for you when you need us, rain or shine.
  • PCB delivery

2. Optima Technology Associates, Inc: USA PCB Manufacturer

Optima Technology Associates is a US-based PCB manufacturing and assembly company. They provide almost every type of circuit board manufacturing and assembly, from deal manufacturing to PCB fabrication. From small-sized prototypes to high-volume production runs, Optima Technology Associates can deliver on your requirements within budget. Please visit this link for more information about them.

3. Bay Area Circuits

Since 1972, the company has been serving the needs of commercial and industrial design engineering firms, contract assemblers, and original equipment manufacturers. guarantee the most precise, timely, anTheyd cost-effective processes for PCB design as well as manufacturing.

This company specializes in PCBs for different types of elect equipment, such as test & measurement, medical, military and aerospace. Bay Area Circuits is a reliable source for these PCBs. Check out their official website for more information on the type of elect equipment they deal with.

4. Journey Circuits Inc: USA PCB Manufacturer

Journey Circuits is based in Illinois and has some of the best PCB services in the United States. They produce quality products like PCB Manufacturing, PCB Assembly, and PCB Stencils.

Papers late offer high-quality, dependable, and budget-friendly Printed Circuit Boards and Assemblies. They work well in a variety of industries, like communications, medical equipment, industrial, aerospace, computers, automotive, power devices, and instrumental equipment. Their services include: 

  • PCB Assembly

5. TechnoTronix

TechnoTrionX manufactures PCB boards and has been customizing boards per customer needs. Based in California, the United States, TechnoTrionX is also a custom PC Board Manufacturer, as well as a PCB Assembly Fabricator and a PC Board Prototyping Company.

Their world-class, highly trusted, and strictly quality-managed PCB and PCBA are used in industries like Aerospace Defense, Wireless Telecommunications, Medical, Renewable, and Solar Energy. Their services include: 

  • PCB Layout
  • PCB Prototype
  • PCB Fabrication
  • PCB Assembly
  • Electro-Mechanical Assembly / Electro Box Build Assembly
  • PCB Material Management
  • PCB Box Build
  • Cable Harness / Assembly

6. RedBoard Circuits, LLC

Redboard Circuits is headquartered in the United States, but they manufacture PCBs in Taiwan and China. All their PCBs are RoHS and LEAD-FREE compliant. They're one of the largest full-service PCB manufacturers throughout North America.

They make all kinds of RedBoard Circuits LogoPCB with different layers in a wide range of sizes. Their capabilities include - Multi-layer PCBs, including 3 to 36-layer circuits.

The best way to produce a flexible PCB is with a rigid-flex PCB.

  • Flexible PCBs
  • HDI (High-Density Interconnect)
  • Cast Aluminum and Metal Core PCB
  • Technology that is used to cook food in a microwave.
  • Countersink and Castellated Holes

RedBoard Circuits offers seamless, leak and crack repair services across the US. We are one of the fastest-growing contractors for epoxy, urethane, and topcoat plugging. Learn more about them today!

7. Thomas Instrumentation, Inc.

Thomas Instrumentation, Inc. produces a variety of complex electronic products, boards, and systems for industrial and commercial customers all over the world. We offer solutions in design, manufacturing, software development, supply chain management, and other areas. The company is based in Cape May Court House and was founded in 1971.

  • Winches
  • Landing Gear
  • Power system

8. A.C.T. (USA) Int’l LLC: USA PCB Manufacturer

A.C.T is a PCB manufacturer located in Florida, USA. They offer high-quality PCB assembly services and manufacture all their products with the highest standard of technology available in the industry. 

This company manufactures rigid, flexible, and rigid-flex PCBs. With the diverse material types and thickness options available, it's hard to go wrong with this manufacturer. Additionally, their PCB products are delivered within a short turnaround time. Their products and services include:

  • One way through 22 layers of PCBs
  • Rigid, Flex,  Metal Core: PCB Manufacturing is a process that includes the creation of rigid, flexible, and rigid-flex (double-sided) PCBs.
  • Your customers are our top priority. That's why we offer around-the-clock customer care service, which is always available to help you with anything that might come up. 

What they say, Our PCBs are RoHS compliant. That means they're free of dangerous and harmful chemicals like lead, which means they won't contaminate our environment and your printed circuit boards. 

9. Epec Engineered Technologies: USA PCB Manufacturer

Epec Engineered Technologies is based out of Massachusetts, with operations throughout North America, Asia, and Western Europe. They specialize in customized PCB solutions for your company. The design process ensures accuracy and timeliness while also saving you money.

Epec Engineered Technologies is an engineering and technical consulting company focused on high-tech electronics. They specialize in medical devices, military & aerospace equipment, portable & consumer electronics, industrial applications, and the automotive & transportation industries. The company offers services including design and manufacturing, product development, and consultation. Their services include: 

  • Printed Circuit Boards
  • Battery Packs
  • Flex & Rigid-Flex PCBs
  • Cable Assemblies
  • Flexible Heaters

10. San Francisco Circuits, Inc

Established in 2004, San Francisco Circuits designs new electronic products for clients by working with teams of design engineers across the country. They work closely with teams of design engineers and specialists to ensure that their circuit board designs have no flaws and are optimized beyond what is required for the project. You can find them at San Francisco Circuits, Inc. Its services include: 

  • Rigid, Flex, Metal Core: PCB Manufacturing is a process that includes the creation of rigid, flexible, and rigid-flex (double-sided) PCBs
  • Prototypes
  • Mil-spec
  • Surface Finish
  • Assembly/microwave 
  • Lead-Free PCB (RoHS Compliant)
  • Multi-layer PCBs - 40+ copper layers boards
  • PCB Materials - FR4, Polyimide, Rogers & More
  • 3 mil Trace & Space

Custom fabrication and production of HDI, flexible, and rigid PCBs. Assembly is a broad term that includes DIY and professional assembly for thru-hole, surface mount, and mixed assemblies. Top-of-the-line tools and processes give you the power to assemble just about anything with ease.

We value customer support and make it a priority to provide quick, helpful feedback whenever you need it. Excellent customer support is what drives their success.


Some manufacturers specialize in PCBs, while others may not. If you're looking to find a quality PCB manufacturer to produce your designs, take a look at the top ten listed manufacturers above. At the end of the day, you want to make sure that your PCBs provide value for what you're paying.

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