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The Top 20 PCB Manufacturers in The World

Posted:04:20 PM November 04, 2022 writer: NextPCB

PCB Manufacturers deliver high-quality and reliable Printed Circuit Boards to various electrical, electronic, industrial applications around the world. Find out the top 20 PCB Manufacture in the world.

Introduction To PCB Manufacturing

PCB Manufacturers print various kinds of Printed Circuit Boards which are virtually in all electronic devices in the world. PCBs come in various sizes and colors depending on their applications. In addition, Printed Circuit Boards are either rigid, flexible, or a hybrid of both, which is rigid-flex.

Manufacturing PCBs are often lengthy and expensive, requiring a large production base, a vast labor force, expertise, and industrial advantages. In recent years, There is a shift of PCB industry to the industrial areas of Taiwan, Mainland China and North America.

However, finding reliable PCB manufacturers to handle specific PCB designs and manufacturing to suit your electronic devices' functions and specifications could be challenging.

However, this guide features the top twenty (20) global Manufacturers that excel in providing reliable and quality Circuit Boards.

Top 20 Global PCB Manufacturers

  1. NextPCB

NextPCB has been operating in China for 18 years, offering quality PCB services to global clients. Armed with several certifications such as UL, ISO14001, IATF16949, ISO9001, and RoHS, this Printed Circuit supplier and the Printed Circuit Board manufacturer is reliable in providing high-quality for its wide range of applications.

Products and services offered.

NextPCB specializes in circuit board components sourcing, PCB fabrication and manufacturing, and High-quality testing and shipment.

NextPCB runs three factories specialized in many PCB operations, including PCB Prototype, PCB Assembly, Multiple functional testing, and X-Ray Testing.

Hence, this PCB fabricator could offer quick services and shorter lead times without breaking a sweat.

This Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer has an excellent range of applications, including PCB LED lighting, computer parts, medical equipment, communication equipment, home appliances, consumer products, and automotive equipment.

NextPCB services include high-frequency circuit boards, Rigid-flex PCBs, flexible PCBs, Metal-core PCBs, multi-layer PCBs, and High-Density Interconnects Circuit boards (HDI).

Step-by-Step Guide to Order PCBs on NextPCB

If you want to order your PCB from NextPCB, follow these easy steps.

  1. Ensure you have the schematic design and Gerber file of your custom PCB
  2. sign up or log in to the official homepage:
  3. Click on “Instant Quote”
  4. Fill in the required details regarding the circuit board you require.
  5. After filling in the required details, click “Calculate.” This feature will give you a solid estimate of your PCB costs.
  6. You will now be required to upload and verify the Gerber file of your requested PCB.
  7. Select your preferred payment method (Western Union, PayPal, bank transfer, cash payment) and pay.
  8. Select your preferred delivery options (FedEx, DHL, and Hong Kong Post). Then your PCB order is now successfully placed, and you can await delivery.
  1. ZDT

Zhen Ding Tech, also known as ZDT, is a popular PCB manufacturer in Taiwan. With more than fifteen years of experience in PCB manufacturing services, they have dominated significant consumer electronics.

This Printed Circuit Board manufacturer has also expanded its operations across Taiwan, China, and India, offering large-scale PCB production and assembly services.

Zhen Ding Tech is known for its thorough research and development to stay ahead of PCB market trends. This extra effort ensures that it provides the best customer services in PCB manufacturing and assembly.

Products and services offered.

With the arrival of the fifth-generation mobile network known as 5G, the evolution of the Internet of Things (IoT) cannot be overemphasized.

In keeping abreast with this technology, Zhen Ding Tech is increasing its innovations towards developing advanced technologies and high-end products that are considered the future of PCBs.

ZDT is currently developing flexible PCBs, High-density Interconnect (HDI), substrate-like PCBs, Rigid-flex PCBs Integrated circuits, and several semiconductor devices.

As such, these innovations are actively used in consumer-end products such as smartphones, wearables, laptops, smart appliances, and medical and automotive devices.

ZDT has offices in over twenty locations, with more than 36,000 employees providing business and technical services to their global customers.

  1. Compeq Manufacturing

Established in 1973, Compeq Manufacturing is another excellent PCB product provider. Suited in Taiwan, their primary business involves the manufacturing and supplying of PCBs.

Compeq Manufacturing became the first specialized Printed Circuit Board manufacturer that supported the government’s policy in developing the high-tech industry in Taiwan.

This company operates as a multinational company in Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, the US, China, and Malaysia. Compeq Manufacturing works in the Technology and Communications Industry.

Products and services offered.

Compeq PCB portfolio includes High Layer PCBs, Flexible and rigid-flex PCBs. this PCB supplier sells its PCBs to various appliances including notebooks, servers, mobile phones, routers, storage devices, and consumer electronics.

Compeq Manufacturer continues to excel and foster solid partnerships with its customers in the PCB industry by developing and delivering cutting-edge products to its clients.

They also adopt PCB trends to keep up with their competition in the PCB market.

  1. Shengyi Technology

Shengyi Technology has been involved in PCB manufacturing since 1985, with its main headquarters in China.

Due to their high reliability and expertise in PCB manufacturing, they can serve as an international company supplying market boards in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Products and services offered.

Shengyi Technology manufactures Rigid-flex PCBs, High-Density Interconnects (HDI), and multi-layer circuit boards.

This Printed Circuit supplier markets and supplies PCBs to several industries and technologies, including home appliances, consumable electronics, computers, automobiles, and home appliances.

Shengyi Technology integrates Production, PCB sales, marketing, Research and Development, and technical services into its PCB company.

  1. Advanced Circuitry International (ACI)

Advanced Circuitry International has become a reliable Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer and Printed Circuit supplier worldwide.

While its main manufacturing is in Atlanta, ACI has other manufacturing operations spread across the United States, Brazil, and India, this PCB Manufacturer makes high-quality PCBs.

In compliance with IPC and RoHS standards, Advanced Circuitry International has trained personnel who ensure that the PCB manufacturing process is delivered with zero defects.

Products and services offered.

With 20 years of experience in PCB development, ACI has manufactured PCBs that span many industries and technologies, ranging from PCB prototypes, Large scale manufacturing to Printed Circuits Assembly.

With the recent evolution of 5G, ACI is seamlessly researching and developing PCBs that could benefit their 5G customers and markets.

Since this Printed Circuit Supplier sells the most reliable PCBs, their Circuit Boards are used in industries that require high reliability including Defense, Telecommunications, Medical Devices, Radio-frequency antennas, and Aerospace.

    6. Unimicron

Overview and Location

Uminicron Technology is a Printed Circuit Board manufacturer with its headquarters in Taiwan.

They offer PCB solutions to several services and products, especially in Personal Computers (PC, Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Monitors, Network cards, Scanners, Mobile devices, Notebook computers, and others.

In the past years, Uminicron Technology has shown its excellence in the PCB industry by becoming the global No. 1 PCB Manufacturer for two consecutive years.

Due to its wide range of PCB applications, it has manufacturing sites in China, Germany, and Japan.

Products and services offered.

Uminicron Technology specializes in HDI PCBs, flexible Printed Circuits, Rigid-flex Printed Circuit Boards, and Every Layer Interconnect (ELIC).

The Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer specializes in PCB Light Emitting Diode (LED), Automotive PCBs, Integrated Circuits, 5G PCBs, Connectors, Memory modules, and High Frequency (RF) PCBs.

  1. Pengding (Zhending) Industry

Formerly called Zhending, Pengding Industry is the world's largest PCB producer. It began its PCB manufacturing operations in 1999 and was listed in 2011. Pengding Holdings primarily designs, develops and sells Printed Circuit Boards.

This Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer is located in Shenzhen and is a Printed Circuit supplier to domestic regions, including Japan, Mainland China, and Taiwan China.

Products and services offered.

Pengding's primary manufacturing process includes consumer electronics, communication electronics, and computer circuit boards.

In addition, they offer excellent PCB customizations that meet the requirement of their customers and provide impressive PCB solutions in the electronic industry.

Its customer base includes Google, Amazon, Apple, HP, Facebook, SONY, Huawei, Apple, OPPO, and many more. The PCB manufacturer is also involved in automotive and Industrial control PCBs.

Pengding Industry is one of Apple's major PCB suppliers, accounting for up to 70% of its revenue in 2018 reports.

  1. JY Circuits

JY Circuits is another industry-leading Printed Circuit Board manufacturer that develops high-quality, wide-ranged Circuit boards to the electronic PCB industry.

With its headquarters in the United States and established in 1998, this Printed Circuit Board manufacturer has gained industry-led knowledge and expertise in PCB manufacturing and production.

This company is a big player in the electrical and electronics Manufacturing industry and as a Printed Circuit supplier, it is serving customers and tech giants internationally in the United States, Europe, Asia, and other international markets.

Products and services offered.

JY Circuits primarily fabricates single-sided PCBs, Double-sided circuit boards, rigid-flex PCBs, Heavy copper boards, flexible boards, and multilayer PCBs.

This Printed Circuit supplier also delivers quality circuit boards that have undergone extreme testing, which is involved in its PCB production.

JY Circuits also adopts recent PCB technology in its PCB Production. It also features excellent electrical and mechanical features.

  1. Redboard Circuits

Based in the United States, RedBoard circuits have become popular for being an excellent manufacturer of advanced circuit boards.

Their PCB applications cut across many industries, including mobile phones, Digital Signal processing systems, and low voltage systems.

A primary goal of RedBoard Circuits is to positively impact the PCB industry by satisfying their customers first in a safe and ideal working environment.

This Printed Circuit Board manufacturer has the required certifications to provide optimum PCB services to its domestic and international customers.

Products and services offered.

RedBoard circuits are excellent PCB fabricators of single-sided and double-sided PCBs. They can also fabricate multilayer PCBs of up to thirty-six (36) layers.

In addition, they manufacture flexible, and Rigid-Flex PCBs often applied in advanced electronics.

  1. TechnoTronix

TechnoTronix is a California-based Printed Circuit Board manufacturer that has been serving the PCB industry for over forty years in PCB fabrication.

The Printed Circuit Supplier has also extended its PCB manufacturing base beyond the shores of the United States.

This PCB company is known for its PCB assembly and prototyping services. Also, the PCB manufacturer helps manufacture custom PCBs for customers and businesses.

Products and services offered.

TechnoTronix offer advanced manufacturing and production techniques to ensure quality PCBs are made.

Based on the client's PCB quote, the Printed Circuit supplier can efficiently deliver PCB designs, layouts, and electro-mechanical assembly in less than a day.

TechnoTronix is known for its unrivaled safety, quality, and standards of products, a reason why its PCB applications are often found in aerospace. Military and medicine.

  1. Samsung Electro-Mechanics

Samsung EM was founded in 1973 and has become an excellent multinational PCB developer and producer of global core electronic devices.

This South Korean-based PCB manufacturer has three significant businesses that generate revenue. They include High-Density Interconnects (HDI), packaging substrates, and Radiofrequency PCBs.

Products and services offered.

Samsung E-M electronics produce high-quality RF circuit boards for OLEDs, smartphones' motherboards, and CPUs for PCs.

However, due to the smartphone market decline, the PCB supplier also faces sales problems, which has reduced demand for such quality PCBs.

However, Samsung Electro-Mechanics aims to diversify into high-value-added products such as Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things to sustain profits and growth of the PCB company.

  1. Fujikura

Fujikura was founded in 1885. It established the Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) Business unit in 1910, leading to several FPC products being launched at the end of the 20th century.

The growth of Flexible Printed Circuits across the globe led to an increase in FPC relationship with Apple in 2000. They originate from Japan but are also based in Thailand to support increasing demand.

Products and services offered.

As a Printed Circuit Supplier, Fujikura offers several PCB products to the global market, especially in the energy and communication products which account for more than half of the company's revenue, while its PCB application in the electronic and automotive products business is a close second.

  1. Shennan Circuit Company

Shennan Circuit was founded in 1984 and revolutionized circuit board design by introducing new PCB trends that other Printed Circuit Board manufacturers try to imitate.

Since its early manufacturing years, Shennan circuits have extended its manufacturing services beyond the globe, including having manufacturing bases in China and North America.

They also own various Research and Development sites in Europe, which ensures they are ahead of the other manufacturers in the PCB industry.

Products and services offered.

Shennan Circuits design a wide selection of circuit boards for different products, including electronics assembly, substrate packaging, circuit board testing, PCB assembly, and manufacturing.

In addition, Shennan Circuits operates its business model in three parts; the PCB section, which deals mainly with Printed Circuit Board's manufacture, development, and assembly,

Also, The Package Substrate Section deals with component designs & packaging tests. Finally, the surface mounting section deals with welding active and passive components, connectors, and other devices on the PCB.

  1. Wus Printed Circuit (Kunshan)

WUS Printed Circuit Co., LTD is a China-based PCB company established in 1972 under the name WUS. This Printed Circuit Supplier engages in PCB manufacture, distribution, and after-sale services.

Products and services offered.

Wus Printed Circuit Co. LTD deals with a wide range of PCB products, including consumer electronics, automobile boards, industrial equipment, communication boards, motherboards, mobile phones, digital cameras, notebooks, and other digital products.

The Printed Circuit supplier also deals in PCB wholesale, import and export, and after-sale services of their products. Also, this PCB company has become an international PCB supplier of its products to the domestic and international markets.

  1. Shenzhen Kinwong Electronic

Shenzhen Kinwong Electronic is a Chinese company established in 1993 that primarily specializes in developing, manufacturing, and selling Printed Circuit Boards. The Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer are also found in the semiconductors and appliance manufacturing industry.

This Printed Circuit supplier is involved in various PCB applications, especially communication equipment, consumer electronics, industrial control, and computer and network equipment.

With eleven PCB production bases and 14,000 global employees, Shenzhen Kinwong Electronics supplies its products to the local and international markets.

Products and services offered.

Shenzhen Kinwong Electronic main products include Double-sided PCBs, multi-layer PCBs, and Flexible and metal-core Printed Circuit boards. The PCB Manufacturer is also leading in the Research and Development of PCBs and high-end electronic products.

  1. Tripod Technology Corporation

Tripod Technology has become an excellent Printed Circuit Board manufacturer because it uses world-class manufacturing processes to manufacture a range of Printed Circuit Boards.

Based in Taiwan and incorporated into the market in 1991, Tripod Technology has become a global Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer and Printed Circuit supplier to domestic and international markets.

With its unique business model, this PCB manufacturer has kept pace with modern PCB trends and ensures that the environment does not negatively impact its PCBs.

One of its core business models is investing in Research and Development to ensure they advance PCB manufacturing and supply operations in the global Printed Circuit Board Markets.

Products and services offered.

Tripod Technology mainly produces Double-sided PCBs and Multilayer PCBs, which are used in the production of personal computers (PCs) and their peripherals, industrial and communication products.

Also, the PCB company efficiently delivers boards to many consumer products such as Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs), hard disks, servers, PCB substrates, and the Automotive industry.

This PCB supplier extends its operations to Research and Development and manufacture of automated production machines such as PCB Tester, Laser printers, and Taping machines for its production in electronics.

  1. Epec Engineered Technologies

Epec Engineered Technologies is a United States-based PCB company that offers customized PCBs to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).  This Printed Circuit Board manufacturer has established its presence throughout Asia, North America, and Western Europe.

Epec Engineered Technologies offer the most accurate and cost-effective PCB design, fabrication, and manufacturing process. This PCB manufacturer comes with the necessary PCB certifications and is industry standards compliant.

Products and services offered.

Epec Engineered Technologies focus on designing and manufacturing printed circuit boards that are needed in highly reliable products.

These products include medical devices, military and aerospace electronics, the automotive industry, and consumer electronics.

This PCB manufacturer invests heavily in its Research & Development department to ensure they integrate the best PCB material that does not impact the environment during the manufacturing process of its circuit boards.

  1. LG Innotek

Formerly known as LG Electro-Components, this Korean PCB manufacturer was founded in 1970, delivering efficient and reliable PCB manufacturing and assembly for Tech Giants Apple and LG Electronics.

This PCB manufacturer has other manufacturing operations in several Asian countries, Europe and America.

Products and services offered.

LG Innotek develops PCB for mobile phones like vibration motors, Light Emitting Diode (LED), camera modules, inverters, smart power modules, and protection circuit equipment.

  1. Huatong

Chongqing Huatong Computer is the first Taiwanese Printed Circuit Board manufacturer that began its operations in 1973. Since then, they have expanded their manufacturing base with a new branch in Mainland China.

Also, Huatong handles PCB designing, processing, development, and production of Circuit Boards in Taiwan. As a Printed Circuit Supplier, Huatong Computer also conduct Sales, research, and development of PCBs in computers, mobile phones, consumer electronics, and telecommunication.

Products and services offered.

Its main products are High-end Highly Density Interconnects (HDI) and rigid-flex PCBs. Huatong Industry is among the top two PCB suppliers globally in the HDI market.

Since Huatong manufactures High-Density PCBs (HDI), their customer base includes electronic manufacturers such as Apple, Huawei, OPPO, Xiaomi, Vivo, and ZTE.

This PCB manufacturer's biggest client is Apple, which contributed about US$ 400 million, accounting for more than 20% of the company's total revenue.

  1. HannStar Board

Hannstar Border began its operations in 1989 before it was listed in 2003. This Taiwan-based PCB manufacturer is dominating the PC circuit boards globally. The company boasts over 17,000 employees actively involved in various Printed Circuit Boards and designs.

In its early manufacturing years, it accounted for more than 70% of PC PCBs but has significantly reduced due to the notebook market growth.

Products and services offered.

HannStar Board primarily manufactures printed circuit boards, especially multilayer PCBs. HannStar Board is a PCB supplier of communication, consumer, and electronic products worldwide.

The PCB company operates in three sectors; PCB sector, Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS), and others. This Printed Circuit supplier also supplies circuit boards to its domestic market in Taiwan and overseas, including America, Europe, and the rest of Asia.

Factors To Consider When Selecting A PCB Manufacturer.

After carefully considering top PCB manufacturers, it is imperative to consider certain factors in selecting your preferred PCB maker. Take a look at these factors.

Product Quality and Standards

In selecting a PCB manufacturer, quality is the foremost factor to consider. As a customer, quality should take precedence over quantity. There are certifications and standards that PCB manufacturers should possess before they can manufacture circuit boards.

The minimum requirement for any PCB Manufacturer is the ISO 9002 certification, indicating that such a Manufacturer possesses a Basic Quality Management System (QMS).

To further add to this QMS, a PCB manufacturer must have quality manuals, processes, work instructions, corrective and preventive actions, test yield, and final yield.

All quality factors must be made available by the PCB manufacturer, which ensures that such manufacturer is competent to design, manufacture and develop quality products.

Area of PCB Manufacturers' Expertise

While it is imperative to find a PCB manufacturer that delivers the kind of PCB you need, PCB manufacturers differ in their expertise and knowledge. While some can effectively handle flex PCBs, others could handle HDI PCBs more efficiently without any zero product.

Also, a PCB manufacturer specializing in lower-layer count PCBs would not effectively handle a 20-layer PCB.

Location, testing and special equipment, human resources, and standards could affect how a PCB manufacturer handles different PCBs.

All these differences provide an important reason why many tech giants have more than one PCB supplier since only some have the same expertise and knowledge in PCB trends and design.

Location of PCB Manufacturer

Consumers often face a unique challenge; sourcing cheaper PCB manufacturers require more time and resources to design your circuit boards outside your current location. Hence, it would help if you chose the manufacturer closer to your current location to access post-PCB manufacturing services easily. Take note, the closer your PCB manufacturer is to you, the better for you and your PCBs.

Customer Support

An essential factor for any PCB manufacturer is excellent customer support. Users often habitually check online for other user reviews regarding a PCB manufacturer and tend to shy away from those who do not handle customer complaints.

Therefore, PCB manufacturers must offer their customers after-sale, maintenance, and technical PCB services. They should be open to customer reviews, complaints, and suggestions. Excellent customer support can go a long way to securing more customers and building a customer base.

Finally, PCB manufacturer should ensure their online support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to cater to their customers’ needs regarding their desired PCBs.

Years spent in PCB Industry.

A significant factor that separates many PCB manufacturers from the best ones is their industry experience. Some PCB manufacturers find it challenging to adopt new PCB trends and find it difficult to innovate despite the evolution of modern-day technology.

Despite the number of years spent in the industry, it is imperative to ensure that such PCB manufacturer has experience in serving customers who want to design their PCBs in line with modern PCB trends and designs.

Material Sourcing

Another vital factor in selecting an excellent PCB manufacturer is where its PCB materials are sourced. Many PCB manufacturers tend to find cheaper materials for designing and manufacturing their PCBs to make huge profits.

However, this cheap sourcing could result in inconsistent board designs that affect the end product’s performance.

Also, PCB manufacturers may source harmful materials that could negatively impact the environment or affect the consumers using such products.

It is then necessary to consider sourcing materials that meet RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) and REACH (Registration, Evaluation, and Authorization of Chemicals) standards. These standards prohibit using harmful substances or chemicals that could affect electronics or the environment globally.

Labor Force

The more labor force a PCB manufacturer has, the more PCB operations it can effectively and efficiently handle. Most of the listed global PCB Manufacturers above have tens of thousands of employees involved in PCB design, processing, manufacturing, and development.

When a PCB manufacturer has an adequate labor force, they can handle PCB operations on time without any issues.

PCB Cost

The cost involved in PCB varies with the quality and design process. Factors like the base material, active and passive components, solder masks, and the kind of substrate used all affect the cost of PCBs.

While reducing PCB costs makes up a successful product, it is also vital that your PCB manufacturer does not cut corners in your PCB manufacturing process.

Consider the kind of PCB you require to ensure you get the best value for your money.

Then, consider the materials you want to include in your PCB.

Afterward, you can choose proper right manufacturer to manufacture your desired PCB at an affordable price without compromising quality.


Ensuring deadlines are met can be a huge determinant when selecting a PCB manufacturer. Depending on your PCB design, you must ensure your PCB manufacturer can handle your work quickly without compromising quality.

Yet, there should be a balance when tasking PCB manufacturers with PCB designs and want it done on time.

While short lead times are essential, are they viable for long-term production? Or if the PCB manufacturer takes a longer lead-lead to manufacture and supply your circuit boards, was there a compromise in quality?

Time is subjective yet an essential factor. Your choice of PCB manufacturer should effectively discuss ways they can serve you better in the timeframe you provided for them to work on your PCBs.

Cost of Manufacturing PCBs

Manufacturing circuit boards come with several complexities and price points. Manufacturing a PCB varies from 50 cents to $500, depending on your needs. There are a few factors that determine PCB cost.

Assembly Type

PCBs can be assembled either by Surface Mount Assembly (SMA), through-hole assembly, or a combination of both. Surface Mount assemblies are often cheaper and faster to manufacture. Through-hole assembly requires drilling the circuit board and could require hand soldering. However, customers prefer through-hole assembly because it connects the components strongly on the Circuit Board despite it being expensive and time-consuming,

Combining both assembly processes can lead to a durable PCB but adds to the manufacturing costs.

Components placements

The placement of your PCB components directly varies in the manufacturing costs of your circuit boards. To ensure you get the best value for your PCB costs, your PCB design must be minimalistic and efficient.

In addition, the number and package size of components on your PCB can also directly impact your PCBs' manufacturing costs. A simple yet efficient PCB design can ensure lesser manufacturing costs.

Quantity of PCBs

The simple rationale in PCB manufacturing and production is that the more PCB ordered, the lesser the manufacturing costs. Your PCB manufacturer could charge you the full amount for a low quantity of PCBs ordered.

So, to keep PCB costs low, ensure you make bulk orders of PCBs.

Circuit Board Layers and Material

Opting for a less expensive material for your circuit boards can prove cost-effective for your application and design needs. Still, while there are several material choices, it is crucial to choose a PCB material that provides a perfect balance of cost-effectiveness and efficiency that will perform well when you apply such PCBs to your products.

PCB Coating

Coating your PCB can add to manufacturing costs. Hence, it would help if you considered opting for a cheaper coating that effectively reduces costs. Also, when choosing your coating material, determine whether you may need to rework your PCB at a future time.

Test on PCB

PCB tests vary, and it directly affects the manufacturing costs of your PCB. If your test requires checking individual components on your circuit board, it will add to your expenses.

Many PCB manufacturers offer to test the PCB you have in mind, so depending on the kind of PCB you are designing, consult with your PCB manufacturer for the best cost-effective option.

Shipping and Delivery

Shipping your Printed circuit boards from an international PCB supplier could increase your PCB costs. However, if you can make bulk orders of PCBs at once, it reduces shipping costs per PCB unit.

Also, consider designing your PCB from a PCB fabricator around your current location, as they could ship your products effectively without delay.

Final Thoughts: NextPCB offers unbeatable PCB services

While hundreds of electronic PCB factories and printed circuit suppliers are constantly springing up in the PCB market, there is a need to get the right one with the right expertise and equipment to deliver the top-notch PCB design you want.

However, choosing a Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer that could attend to your PCB design needs can take time and effort. However, with NextPCB, all PCB solutions are available at your disposal.

NextPCB is committed to becoming a highly reliable multilayer circuit board manufacturer. We are investing in a large manufacturing area with enough expertise in adapting and innovating modern PCB trends.

Certainly, NextPCB can fulfill all your PCB design needs, from PCB prototyping to small PCB production or mass PCB production. Make a PCB Quote Now and enjoy unrivaled customer service.

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