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a. We accept and examine consumer complaints in accordance with applicable our restrictions, Under the restrictions, the Seller is obliged to deliver the ordered PCB manufacturing and PCB soldering services without defects. The Seller is liable to the consumer, if the item sold has a physical or legal defect (warranty).Physical defect is the non-conformance of an item sold with the agreement. In particular, PCB manufacturing and PCB soldering services sold is inconsistent with the agreement if:

1) It does not have the properties characteristic of such type of PCB manufacturing and PCB soldering services given the purpose indicated in the agreement or arising from circumstances or applications;

2) It does not have properties, the existence of which the seller assured the buyer, including by providing a PCB manufacturing and PCB soldering services sample or model;

3) It is unfit for the purpose, for which the buyer has informed the seller during the conclusion of the contract, and the seller did not raise any objections as to such application;

4) It was delivered to the consumer incomplete.

If the buyer is a consumer, the assurance of the seller is treated on an equal footing with the public assurance of the PCB and assembly manufacturer or its representative, the person introducing the item to the market within the scope of his/her business activity, and persons who by placing their name, trademark or other distinctive signs on the PCB manufacturing and PCB soldering services sold, present themselves as the manufacturer. NextPCB is not liable to the consumer, where the item sold lacks properties arising from the public assurances referred to in the preceding sentence, if it was either unaware of these assurances or judging reasonably, could not have known or influenced the decision of the buyer to conclude the sales agreement, or where their content have been corrected prior to the conclusion of the sale agreement.

The PCB manufacturing and PCB soldering services sold has a physical defect in the event of its incorrect assemblage and launch, if these actions were performed by the seller or a third party, for which NextPCB is responsible, or by the customer who acted according to the instructions received from NextPCB.

NextPCB is liable subject to warranty for physical defects that occurred at the moment of transfer to the client, for the danger of accidental loss or damage of items (issue of items to the consumer) or resulting from underlying causes in the item sold at the same time.

b. We encourage you to report any complaints using the complaint form on the website in the tab “Contact Us". Complaints about PCB manufacturing and PCB soldering services sold on the Chinese territory can also be reported to the Complaint Department:

Via tel. 0755-83643663,

By e-mail to the following address:

The complaint should contain an accurate description of the reasons for the complaint and expected method of handling. NextPCB may demand the presentation of the proof of purchase.

The seller shall consider complaints from consumers and inform them of any further procedure within 14 days.

c. Returns of defective goods or goods delivered by mistake should be affected immediately by means of shipment without payment on delivery and after consultation with an employee of NextPCB Complaint Department. The employee of the NextPCB Complaint Department may in a particular case suggest commissioning the receipt of goods to a particular carrier or courier.

d. Should the consignment reach you in a state indicating mechanical damage during transport, please check it in the presence of the courier and draw up a protocol describing the damage. Such a protocol signed by the carrier helps to facilitate acknowledgment of the complaint.

e. Refund Policy: In the case of payment for PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly services purchased by way of e-money transfer via Wire Transfer or PayPal, NextPCB shall refund the payment via the same channel the payment was made, and in other cases, to the bank account indicated by the customer, unless NextPCB and the client agree otherwise.

f. If the PCB manufacturing and PCB soldering services sold has a defect, the consumer may:

1). Submit a statement requesting a reduction in the price or withdrawal from the agreement, unless NextPCB immediately and without undue inconvenience to the consumer replaces the defective item for one free from defects, or removes the defect. This restriction does not apply if the PCB and PCBA order has already been replaced or repaired by NextPCB, or when NextPCB did not replace the PCB and PCBA order for one free of defects or did not remove the defect. The reduced price should be proportional to the price resulting from the agreement, in which the value of defective items remains the same as the value of the items without defect. The consumer cannot withdraw from the agreement, if the defect is irrelevant;

2). Request replacement of PCB and PCBA order for those free of defects or remove the defects. NextPCB is obliged to replace the defective PCB and PCBA order for one free from defects or to remove a defect within a reasonable period without excessive inconvenience to the consumer. NextPCB may refuse to compensate the consumer, if bringing the defective item into conformity with the agreement in the manner chosen by the consumer is impossible or in comparison with other possible means, bringing it to conformity with the agreement would entail excessive costs.