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a. All provisions contained in subsequent sections of the terms of cooperation apply to all contracts concluded between consumers and NEXTPCB. They may only be subject to modification on the basis of individual written arrangements, signed by the consumer and NEXTPCB. The Terms of Cooperation are published on the NEXTPCB website:, in the “Terms of Cooperation” tab.

b. The term “consumer”, referred to in the NEXTPCB Terms of Cooperation, is defined and means a natural person performing a legal activity with an entrepreneur not directly related to his/her business activity or profession. The party to agreements concluded with NEXTPCB must be a natural person of full age.

c. Wherever in the terms of the agreement reference is made to “Website”, it should be understood as an edition of website, advertising and press releases, leaflets, as well as all other methods of public presentation of commercial information by NEXTPCB.

d. The consumer acknowledges that PCB and assembly services sold by NEXTPCB, are not designed and dedicated for use, where faults may result to health and life-threatening situations or catastrophe causing damage to property; and in particular are not designed for nuclear application, use in medical applications or to save and sustain life.

e. The consumer undertakes to comply with the customs, import and export regulations of the country to which the PCB and assembly services purchased from NEXTPCB are to be delivered, as well as to acquire the necessary permits or license for sale, export, re-export, import of goods from the country of origin, in so far as the legislation in force in these countries requires them to be obtained and to comply with the customs legislation of these countries.

f. The legally binding Terms of Cooperation is the Chinese language version. Other language versions are only for informative purposes.

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g. GOVERNING LAW: These terms and conditions are governed by and are to be construed in accordance with the laws of UK.