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a. PCB & PCB assembly prices contained on the website, in advertising, press releases and other information materials should be treated as indicative. The binding price during sales is the price published by NEXTPCB on its website: at the time of placing the PCB and assembly order, unless a different price has been agreed in writing by an authorized employee of NEXTPCB.

b. In the case of prepayments made for the circuit and soldering purchase of a given commodity, the valid price is that quoted on the proforma invoice. The price indicated in the proforma invoice is exclusively valid 30 days for prices specified on this invoice.

c. PCB & PCB assembly prices on the NEXTPCB website: are given in USD. Please, always check if the price in a given offer includes VAT. Prices never include shipping costs and tariffs. They are Ex–works prices. Prior to completion of the ordering process, the consumer is informed of the total price of the goods, comprising the purchase price of the goods, taxes and fees, and the costs of transporting the goods to the consumer.

d. The goods is transferred to the consumer upon full payment of the price for the goods.