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Leading Prototype PCB Assembly Manufacturer

Posted:09:50 AM January 30, 2023 writer: NextPCB

NextPCB is an ultimate prototype PCB Assembly manufacturer. The NextPCB offers 1-4 layers $0 quick PCB Assembly prototype service to let you test your electronic designs. What we need to proceed with your prototype order is just a Gerber file and the bill of material BOM of the required circuit board.

What is a Prototype PCB?

A prototype printed circuit board assembly is the first sample of the electronic circuit board, manufactured with the intent of testing the design's outcome in an actual environment. Engineers usually use different methods to prototype their circuits to test their functionality with various aspects. Prototypes PCB Assembly is great for reducing the rework, minimizing the budget, and eliminating the chances of error in mass production. The prototypes PCB Assembly introduces engineers to the opportunity of trial and error. If a prototype PCB Assembly does not provide the required output, engineers could still do the rework and customize the circuit board by adding some jumper wires or soldering some hard wires to make bridges and add components to get the required output and apply these changes to the main files to correct the first production badge.

Prototype PCB Assembly is essential to avoid massive badges of faulty circuit boards. They are necessary for the process of research and development.

During the research and development phase, engineers create prototype PCBs through breadboards for simple and small circuits. However, breadboards have limitations that render them incompatible with complex circuits. To gain a better and more accurate analysis of their design, engineers opt for a completely manufactured prototype PCB Assembly to test complex circuits.

Prototype PCB

NextPCB’s Prototyping Capabilities

Instant Quote

NextPCB believes in providing value to its customers. At NextPCB, you can have a fast PCB quote and place your order in the minimum amount of time. NextPCB also provides the experience of personalized service. You can have an instant quote on your order through your personal salesperson within 24 hours.

Fastest Manufacturing

As soon as NextPCB receives your order, we start manufacturing of the circuit boards. The NextPCB has one of the biggest manufacturing plants with the capacity of producing huge badges at a time. With our huge manufacturing capability and highly experienced labor, we can deliver your order within 3 days. Our manufacturing speed and skilled labor are something that we are proud of.

Circuit Board Testing 

Once we were done with the manufacturing of the PCB, we delivered it for testing, which includes the flying probe test, Optical Inspection of the circuit boards, and many other PCB test methods. The testing of the circuit boards is highly important as it makes sure of all the tracks are successfully transferred on the copper-clad laminate and does not create any shorts in the circuit board.

Assembling and Component Sourcing

NextPCB provides a Bill of Material services to its customers. We have no shortage of components and other related stuff. As soon as the circuit board testing is done, they are handed over to the very skilled expert in their fields for assembling. NextPCB supports all types of circuit board assembling including through-hole, surface mount, and mixed assembling on both sides of the PCB.

Trusted Manufacturer

 We take care of the quality and standards. To build a trustworthy relationship with our clients and provide them with the best we are certified with

  • ITAR
  • ISO-9001-2015
  • AS 9100
  • IPC-A-610 Class 2 & 3
  • IPC-A-JSTD-001 Class 2 & 3

NextPCB’s Prototyping manufacturing

How to Get Your First Prototype PCB through NextPCB?

At NextPCB, the ordering process is quite simple and fast. It includes a few steps. Let's have a look at them:

  1. 1. Quote. As stated above, NextPCB has two methods of providing a quote on your order. You can have an instant quote from our website where you can calculate the cost of your project through our online cost calculator. And you can contact us to get a personalized experience by having a conversation with our salesperson to proceed with your quote.
  2. 2. Order. As soon as you confirmed the order, we started working on it. First, we check all the files according to and against the industry's standards. If any issues are found, we immediately let you know the problem and wait for your response. Otherwise, we started the manufacturing process of prototype printed circuit board assembly.
  3. 3. Delivering samples. If you want the very first prototype PCBA for testing, we are happy to provide it. Then you can test and cross-check the circuit board against the Gerber file and your desired output. If everything comes out as required, we start the production of the rest of the pieces. In case something goes wrong, we hold back the manufacturing process and wait for your response.
  4. 4. Delivery. After getting your response, we made the changes (if required ) and assembled the rest of the PCBs, test them and deliver them to you. 

Why choose NextPCB for Prototype PCB Assembly

The NetPCB has been providing PCB manufacturing, prototyping, assembling, and testing services for more than 15 years. NextPCB offers many exciting prototype PCB Assembly offers including 1-4 layers free prototype PCB, free shipping for PCBA, and many other exciting offers, which you can read here. The NextPCB provides fast turnaround, relieves you of the tension of sourcing components, and offers the same customer service after the delivery as before the delivery.

Get in touch with us to learn about our PCB capabilities and to get an instant PCB quote.


A prototype PCB Assembly is the first traditionally manufactured printed circuit board. The prototype PCB is used to test and analyze the functionality of the circuit board. It helps in determining whether the circuit is providing the desired output and helps make changes in the circuit if the output is not the same as required. Prototype PCBs also help in demonstrating the idea of an electronic machine physically.

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