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PRO File: What Is the *.PRO File and How to Open it?

Posted:03:13 PM December 29, 2022 writer: NextPCB

What Is the *.PRO File

Punch's Home and Landscape Design Pro is primarily responsible for the .pro file. The primary sort of file extension used to save 3D models of buildings is this one. Additionally, it is helpful in interior designs for creating the design from the IMSI's TurboFloorPlan.

The contents of this file format are different. These consist of the building's foundation, floor plans, electrical blueprints, plumbing plans, and landscaping. Unfinished designs are possible to save as a .PRO file and continued at a later time. The .PRO file is used by PUNCH's 3D home design program, Professional Home Design. It assists with project storage. The floor plan, the foundation, and the deck may all be involved in this kind of project. It also encompasses other things, such as the roofing style of a house.

*.PRO File

In addition, KiCad is a program that automates the design of electronic circuits. Any project is possible to store using the .pro file in this manner. Additionally,.pro files take to function from the ProPresenter, a program that aids in presenting and arranging worship music, to save various video and audio files, most of which are worship songs. The .pro file is also helpful for keeping projects that work with Qt. A program called Qt which uses for the creation of applications.

Path to open a . PRO file

You will require dependable software, such as Home and Landscape Design Pro, to files. Furthermore, Windows will send you a notification if you don't utilize the appropriate program. Examples are notifications that read "Windows failed to open this file" or similar messages from Android, iPhone, or Mac.

Windows for PRO File

  • In Windows OS File Explorer, locate the relevant PRO file and double-click it to start the appropriate program.
  • If a PRO file is impossible to open by an application and you receive the error message "Windows can't open a file," you should hunt for an application that can open the problematic file.
  • If you are aware of an application that can open PRO files, try running it to see if the File->Open main menu option is available.
  • If you're unsure of the program that opens PRO files, try searching online for "PRO viewer," "application to open PRO files," or "open PRO files" using your preferred search engine.
  • Install the program you discovered, then verify that it can open PRO files.

Mac OS for File

  • In the Mac OS Finder, locate the relevant PRO file and double-click to start the associated program.
  • You can click "Search App Store" in the error dialogue box to see applications that are compatible with PRO files if a PRO file cannot be opened in a Mac OS application and you receive the message "There is no application set to open the file."
  • You can select the "Choose Application..." option in the error box to associate the file extension and open the PRO file in the Mac OS application if you are familiar with it.
  • If you don't know the program that can open PRO files, try searching in your preferred web search engine for "PRO viewer," "application to open PRO files," or "read PRO files."
  • Install the program you discovered, then verify that it can read PRO files.

Android for PRO File

The methods listed below will allow you to access a PRO file that you downloaded to your Android device:

  • Find the "My Files" or "File manager" app in the list of Android apps on your device, then tap to launch it.
  • Inside the program, select the "Downloads" folder.
  • Your downloaded PRO file ought to be visible in that folder.
  • Tap the document. The downloaded file will open in the appropriate app on an Android device if that device allows doing so.
  • If the file won't open, try searching the Android App Store for "PRO" to find the appropriate app that can.
  • It's likely that the file can only be opened on desktop operating systems like Windows or Mac OS if you can't open it with apps from the Android App Store. See whether any desktop program can open it by performing an online search for "PRO viewer" or "PRO file reader."
  • Another possibility is that the file you downloaded is out-of-date and unsupported.

iPhone or iPad PRO File

Follow these procedures to open a PRO file on an iOS device:

  • On your iPad or iPhone, launch the Files app. Swiping down from the home screen and putting "Files" into the search field will bring it up.
  • On the Files app's home screen, tap the Downloads subfolder.
  • All of the files that you recently downloaded will be visible. To view the PRO file, tap on it.
  • If you have the appropriate app, it will launch and open your file for you.
  • You must search the Apple app store for "PRO" if you don't already have the software that can open it. This can help you locate applications that can open PRO files.
  • If that doesn't work, your file could only be able to be opened by a desktop program. Search online in your preferred search engine for "PRO viewer" or "PRO file" to discover software that can open it on a PC.

Additionally, if the .PRO file won't open properly, you can right-click or long-press the file. Select "Open With" after that. Select your favourite program once it has opened. You can also open these files directly in your browser.

Softwares to open the .PRO files

Pro files to open

Home and Landscape Design Pro

Punch was the developer of this program. Typically, they are referred to as the Home and Landscape Design Pro's 3D pictures. This is due to the fact that this software is mostly utilized or produced by it.

Chord Pro

It's from Mussoft. Users of this program can edit, generate, print, and display song lyrics. It's a classic. These take the shape of graphical representations of guitar or keyboard chords.

You can also save musical notation. This is made possible with the aid of Chord Pro and arbitrary file extensions. They consist of CHPRO, PRO, CHORD, and other terms. The file format falls under the category of "Data."


Steven Tucker was the designer of this equipment. It has the ability to mimic 8-bit Atari systems. Additionally, the PRO disk-image format is the one that the Atari operating systems for the APE emulator mostly use. The file format is listed under "System" in the classification.


For machines running MS-DOS, FreeBSD, Linux, and Windows, this programming language is an interpreted one. Additionally, Euphoria uses this file format to store colour-highlighting data on Windows-based PCs. Additionally, the file format falls under the category of "Developer."

Creo Elements/Pro

This well-known PTC-developed Windows-based CAM, CAE, and CAD modelling tool is from 3D. Furthermore, the manufacturing and engineering industries also benefit from this program. Additionally, GUI components, preferences, skins, themes, and other Creo Elements/Pro configurations are kept in.PRO files. Under "Settings," the file format is categorized.

HTML tool

Lorenz Graf was the one who created this. It is a trustworthy and functional code editor that aids in editing and producing the source code for several languages, including JavaScript, ASP, CCSS, HTML, and more. The application also has superior features like a syntax highlighter, a word checker, and an FTP client.

The .PRO file contains all project files produced by the HTML tool. The file format falls under the category of "Developer."


This top-of-the-line, time-tested software enables users to do phonetic searches that are similar to conventional spoken audio. Additionally, this tool offers quick search and retrieval capabilities for a word or string. The pronunciation files with the . PRO file extensions are helpful for figuring out the order of phonemes in any search system. The file format falls under the category of "Audio."

Pagis Pro

Xerox created it. Pagis Pro is a colour-scanning software package. In doing so, users are able to view, scan, copy, fax, or edit digital images and documents. This is also carried out on PCs running Windows NT 4.0, 98, and 95. The .PRO files are where these images are kept. The file format falls under the category of "Raster Image."

Infinity Game Engine

This is attributed to BioWare. This is a software development toolkit. It facilitates the development of isometric role-playing video games. Additionally, this program proved helpful in the development of video games like Baldur's Gate. The Infinity Game Engine created and saved game data, such as projectile type descriptions, in the .PRO file. The file format falls under the category of "Game."


This kind of programming language exists. Artificial intelligence and computational linguistics both greatly benefit from PROLOG. Additionally, this program was first made available back in 1972. Source code written in the PROLOG programming language was kept in files with the P, PL, or PRO file extensions. The file format falls under the category of "Developer."


This is a development framework for C++ applications. It also has capabilities for potential cross-platform development and internationalization.

Stylesheets, translation sources, and resource files are also included in this file product These are required for the "qmake" command to successfully compile a Qt application. Under "Settings," the file format is categorized.

Concerns with the pro format files and possible issue

It's not always the case that you don't have the necessary software installed on your computer if you are unable to open and use a PRO file. We might also be unable to process the Profile Format file due to other issues. Here is a list of potential issues.

  • Damage to the file that is under usage
  • Incorrect registry entries that relate to the PRO file.
  • Accidentally removing the PRO's description from the Windows registry
  • incomplete installation of a PRO format support application
  • The PRO file that is being opened has undesirable malware on it.
  • The opening of the PRO file is too much for the computer's hardware to handle.
  • Drivers of equipment used by the computer to open a PRO file are out of date.

The PRO file should work with your programs without issue if you are certain that none of these causes applies to your situation (or have already been ruled out). It's possible that another, more uncommon PRO file issue exists in this instance if the PRO file issue hasn't been resolved. The only thing you can do in this situation is approaching a competent staff for help.


If you are inexperienced with computers, we do not advise attempting to manually repair the issue. We advise you to speak with specialists in the field or use automated tools.

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