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Altium Designer 3D Components Draw Easy Tutorials

writer: G January 18, 2018

Usually through pro / e SolidWorks and other software to export the step file to altium designer, but this prerequisite to learn pro / e SolidWorks.

In the request is not how complicated when you can use the 3d body in ad Convenient to do some simple 3d components

First, the rules of the components

Do a 0805 package resistance:

(1) draw a general 0805 resistance package

(2) In this environment, open the menu place-> 3D-Body pop-up following settings window:

Above 1 Set the device height 2 Set the device color 3 Set the distance from the board (if it looks too large, the object is vacant)

(3) Ok after the above set to draw mechanical13 layer grid (that is, the status of the object)

(4) English input state press the number 3 to switch to see the 3d effect,

(5) The next is modified, you can use the same method at both ends to add silvery white cylinder looks more like capacitance (resistance)

3D renderings (is not a little slightly better look slightly)

Second, irregular components 3d model of a simple draw

Because in mechanical13 can not be directly drawn such as circular arc shape grid (ie object), can be obtained indirectly through:

(1) In the package map interface select the top over layer first to the shape to draw:

(2) Open the tool menu as shown in the figure for the current components to add 3d package

Click on the figure shown in the "add 3d package for the current components" change pop-up:

1,2,3 inside is ad According to your device status automatically generated some optional status, you can point 1, 2, 3 preview to see if there is a suitable, where I want is 2

Note the point of the arrow, this is actually done, close this window back to the library page can be seen:

(3) Double-click the pink grid in the figure to set the object height and other information, that is the same as the previous rule component settings

After setting back to the library components page to see what effect is:

This basically completed.

Here are some simple components to draw:

(1) jtag simulation interface:

(2) button battery:

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  • SMT
  • Stencil






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