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How to Place Order On NextPCB?
Posted: 06:50 PM November 22, 2019 Updated: 05:21 PM November 28, 2019

Hey guys, in this article we are going to show you

      how to order Printed Circuit Boards for your projects in the simplest way.

      Design Your PCB

      · First, you design your circuit on your own. 

      · And design the circuit in any PCB design software you like.

      · Then convert your schematic circuit diagram into PCB in that software

      · Then package and compress your boards documents as a ZIP or RAR file.

       PCB design.jpg             


      If there is an option to generate Gerber file in your software, just click it to generate the Gerber file.


      · If there is not an option to generate Gerber file in your software, you need to generate these files on your own, and then save the folder containing all files as a ZIP or RAR file.

      Ordering process

       · Sign up for free $5 coupon or Login on if you have already signed up. (Note: $0 first trial order for PCB prototype)


· Click on the PCB Instant Quote

           instant quote.jpg

· Then fill in the details of the PCB board that you want.


     · Then click the Calculate button on the right.

        It will show you how much it will cost to make your PCB and more details.

           PCB caculate.png

   · Then you should choose your region or country, deliver carrier and also fill in your Email for the order communication with the sales assistant.

  · Then click the ADD TO CART button

          PCB button.png            

  · Then you can see the option to add a PCB file. In that option, 

     you can drag your Gerber file (RS-274-X),.PCBDOC, PCB or Eagle file to that option and upload a zip file
      (This file is the one that you saved as a ZIP or RAR file in the previous session)

           upload gerber files.png   

   · Then make the payment with Paypal, Western Union or Bank transfer and that's it, 

      you have ordered PCB board for your project.
       (Please make sure you fill in the correct address)


   · Finally the PCB boards will be manufactured within 24 hours 

     and you will have your PCB boards at your doorstep within a few days.

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