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DIY Mini PC Keyboard
Posted: 03:52 PM March 12, 2020 Updated: 03:52 PM March 12, 2020

Things used in this project

Hardware components

Custom PCB by NextPCB.comContact me and I will send you the Gerber files in order to produce the PCB at NextPCB×1

Arduino Pro Micro×1

Cherry MX Brown10 U×1

2N7002KT1G1 U×1

1206 SMD Resistors2 U of 22R (R1 & R2) 1 U of 1K (R3) 1 U of 10K (R4)×1

Machine Screw, M2Machine Screw, M27 U of M2 x 4 mm×1

Hand tools and fabrication machines

3D Printer (generic)3D Printer (generic)

Soldering iron (generic)Soldering iron (generic)

Solder Wire, Lead FreeSolder Wire, Lead Free

Holder, PCBHolder, PCB


Even though there are commercial products out there that can fit almost everyone's needs, it's always fun to build something custom and unique. This was a chance for me (an excuse) to design a new gadget and film the whole process. This time I uploaded every required hardware part as well and the STL files. Watch the building process if you plan to make one!

Thanks to for their support on this project.

Basic theory:

Every Cherry MX switch is connected to a digital input pin on the Arduino Micro Pro. It is constantly scanning its inputs and, if a key is pressed, the microcontroller will send the corresponding value through the USB port to the computer like a regular keyboard would. The LEDs are controlled by a single output pin with the help of a 2N7002 MOSFET.

Step 1:

Print all the STL files. You will find them on my Thingiverse profile:

Step 2:

Populate the PCB as shown in the video. Solder the MOSFET, SMD resistors, Cherry MX switches and LEDs.

Step 3:

Assemble it.

Step 4:

Upload the program to the Arduino Pro Micro.

Step 5:

Connect it to your computer and it will automatically recognize it as a keyboard!

Custom parts and enclosures 
PCB File

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