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Mechanical Keyboard PCB

Posted:05:09 PM June 01, 2021 writer: tom

A mechanical keyboard is a type of keyboard with special tactile feedback so accurate that it allows you to execute every click with superfast accuracy and it is made in such a way that it lasts longer than every other keyboard. Because of its uniqueness in architecture, awesome durability, and superfast responsiveness, Its demand is increasing day by day.


Computer keyboards are usually of two types depending on the switch. The first one is the membrane keyboard which is easily available on the market so it is used in all cases. Another one is the mechanical keyboard. There is currently no substitute for a gaming mouse and a mechanical keyboard for gamers. Many people are interested in using the mechanical keyboard for all the reasons like response time, build quality, look, RGB. Since it is not like a conventional keyboard, it costs more than a normal keyboard. Mechanical keyboards are now widely used by gamers, but now many content creators are using mechanical keyboards. In Gaming or typing mechanical keyboard brings a new dimension of typing experience. However, according to the price, brand, switch type, the fun of using a mechanical keyboard is different. And if there are RGB LEDs on the keyboard, then you can change the key color as you want. Mechanical keyboards are usually made of printed circuit boards and switches. A metal object and a spring are used inside the switch. The key is registered when two metallic objects touch the key. Since the mechanical keys are placed on the printed circuit board, it is possible to change the switch if the switch is not working. One of the key differences between mechanical keyboards and membrane keyboards is that, unlike mechanical keyboards, they do not have a separate key switch. A rubber dome is placed on top of a membrane sheet so that the key is registered on the keyboard when pressed. Since the keys or rubber domes are placed on top of a membrane sheet, it is not possible to change the switch if it is not working.

In the case of mechanical keyboards, there are types of keyboard switches.

These types of switches have some distinctive features known as the color of the switch.

  • Linear: Cherry MX Black, MX Red, MX Gray Linear, Logitech Roma G
  • Tactile: Cherry MX Brown, MX Clear, MX Tactile, Razor Orange GT
  • Click-through switch: Cherry MX Blue, MX Green, MX White, and Razor’s Chroma Green GT.

Here Cherry, Logitech, Razor are the switch maker brands. The most popular of these is the Cherry MX Switch. Cherry is a German-based company. Many Chinese switch makers also make mechanical switches in the form of Cherry MX switches. For example, Otemu, Gritech, GETRON, etc. Above all, there are now optical-mechanical switches that feel similar to mechanical keyboards and the keyboards claim to have a faster response time. However, depending on the name of the switch, the switch will be clicky, silent, or tactile. Most of the time we say click switch, we mean a blue switch. Clicky sound gives a comfortable feeling while typing on the keyboard. Tactile switches usually do not have clicky sound but do have tactile feedback. Such as Cherry MX Brown or Razor Orange Switch. Linear switches, on the other hand, are silent and do not have much clickiness or feedback like linear switches. Such as Cherry MX Black, MX Red. In the early 1970 IBM keyboards were one of the earliest keyboards which were famous for their capacitive sensing Beam spring switches. Earlier in the keyboard capacitive sensing technology was similar to touchscreen technology it works exactly like a touchscreen but instead of your finger touching a screen directly with your finger there was a small pad under the switch that simulates your finger which helps to increase the capacitance of the electrodes. Eventually, this technology gave away. Beam springs are unique because of the way they behave. When you pressing them some internal parts inverts and goes up. The feeling of the keyboard was nearly using a typewriting machine. The actual goal to develop something which would able to give the feel of an actual typewriting machine. Because at that time most of the people were familiar with the typewriters' clicky sound and nose. The keyboard was beautiful because of its double-shot keycaps, a split space bar, and its massive 10-pound weight. It was louder than the IBM model Ms. It also uses some solenoid that fires with every click and makes more noise and gives a more type writing feeling. But this keyboard was huge in size and weight and impractical. Also, it was expensive, in 1970 it costs $1500 which is $8000 in today’s market price. IBM has been producing some of the most amazing keyboards for decades and the Model F switches were one of the best switches. The main goal was to give the same typewriter feeling in a more compact size box with lower cost and it was successful. Nowadays professional typer prefer mechanical keyboard because in membrane keyboards there is a high chance of falls pressing means you thought that you have pressed but it did not work due to membrane somehow not able to touch the key but in the mechanical keyboard there is a high chance that if you click a switch it will definitely response because of its unique mechanism. Now we will discuss the mechanical keyboard PCB. How can we able to design a mechanical keyboard PCB. How to build a custom mechanical keyboard and how to make a Bluetooth mechanical keyboard. At the end of the article, we will discuss how to choose the best mechanical keyboard PCB manufacturer.

How to Make a Custom Mechanical Keyboard

As we show you all the process of how to design a custom mechanical keyboard in detail so it is now easy for you to design a mechanical PCB keyboard. Now if you want to add some custom feature to it then at first write down all those features and think about what changes you need to make in the design. Most of the time there is no need to change the design but you can change the code at the time of the controller as per your requirement. Whenever you want to design a custom PCB board for a mechanical keyboard just try to follow all the design guidelines we discuss earlier.

There are many tutorials on the internet. You can watch them and implement them. First set your goal for the project. Then think about what changes you have to make in the design. Which type of controller you want to use and then start design. Install required libraries so that later you don’t have to face any troubles. Then focus on the schematic. Because it is a very vital part of PCB designing. Then place all the components correctly and do routing properly. After completing the PCB design you can manufacture your desired PCB from a manufacturer.

How to Find the Best Mechanical Keyboard PCB Manufacturer

High-end equipment and expertise

Before choosing your manufacturer be careful about the technology and expertise option of the manufacturer. Because manufacturing accurate keyboard PCB as per given design is not easy. So many newbies become frustrated with their PCB performance because the manufacturer they choose either not have high-quality expert or don’t have sufficient expertise to check a PCB board.


Modeling your requirements

Always try to choose a manufacturer who can help you, in the beginning, to model the requirements of your board and help you model your requirements with their high-end software. It is also mandatory to choose those manufacturers who can test your board once it is completed and can crosscheck all the impedance values you want.

Quality to cost ratio

Always confirm from the manufacturer how much quality they are able to provide to you within your budget range. Because Mechanical Keyboard is used for high-end works like gaming and rapid typing. So the quality of the PCB should be premium standard.  Always try to find a manufacturer who is able to provide you a higher quality to cost ratio.

Higher customer rating

Of course, customer rating is a big sign of a good manufacturer. After checking all the above factors you have to check the customer rating of a manufacturer and choose accordingly.

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