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Introduction to EDA software commonly used in circuit design

Posted:06:00 PM April 02, 2019 writer: G


PROTEL is the CAD software for the circuit industry that PORTEL introduced in the late 1980s. It is well-deserved in front of many EDA software and is the software of choice for circuit designers. It was used earlier in the country and has the highest penetration rate. Some colleges and universities also specialize in circuit courses to learn it. Almost all circuit companies use it. The early PROTEL was mainly used as a printed board automatic routing tool. It runs in a DOS environment and has low hardware requirements. It can run under 1M memory without a hard disk 286 machine. It has fewer functions, only the electrical schematic drawing and the printed board design function, and the automatic routing of the printed board is also low. Now PROTEL has been developed to PROTEL99 (available on the network to download it), is a huge EDA software, fully installed more than 200 MB, it works in Windows 95 environment, is a complete omnidirectional circuit design system, it Including electrical schematic drawing, analog circuit and digital circuit mixed signal simulation, multilayer printed circuit board design (including printed circuit board automatic routing), programmable logic device design, chart generation, circuit table generation, support macro operation, etc. It also has a ClientServer (client server) architecture, and is also compatible with some other design software file formats, such as ORCAD, PSPICE, EXCEL. Auto-wiring of multi-layer printed wiring boards enables 100% throughput of high-density PCBs. To learn more about PROTEL's software features or to download a trial version of PROTEL99, you can access its site on the Internet: WWW.PROTEL.COM.

ORCAD EDA software

ORCAD is an EDA software introduced by ORCAD in the late 1980s. It is the most widely used EDA software in the world. It is used by millions of circuit engineers every day. Compared with other EDA software, it is also the most powerful. Because ORCAD software uses the software dog anti-piracy version. Therefore, it is not popular in China, and its popularity is not as good as that of PROTEL. Only a few circuit designers use it. As early as ORCAD 4.0 working in DOS environment, it integrates functions such as electrical schematic drawing, printed circuit board design, digital circuit simulation, programmable logic device design, etc., and its interface is friendly and intuitive. Its library is also the most abundant of all EDA software, and it has always been the first choice in EAD software in the world. After the merger with CADENCE in July last year, ORCAD became the world's most powerful company to develop EDA software. Its product ORCAD Century Integrated Edition works in Windows 95 and Windows NT environment, integrating electrical schematic drawing. Printed circuit board design, analog and digital circuit hybrid simulation and other functions. Its circuit simulation library has reached 8,500, and it has earned almost all the general-purpose circuit component modules. Its powerful features have made it expensive, and its Century Plus version sold for $7,995 in North America. 

PSPICE circuit simulation

PSPICE was one of the earlier EDA software and was introduced by MICROSIM in 1985. In terms of circuit simulation, its function is arguably the most powerful and is widely used in China. Now more use is PSPICE 6.2, working in Windows environment, taking up more than 20 M of hard disk space, the whole software consists of schematic editing, circuit simulation, excitation editing, library editing, waveform diagram, etc. A whole, but each part has its own window. PSPICE has been developed into ORCAD and has become ORCAD-PSPICE, but PSPICE is still sold and used separately. The new version is PSPICE 9.1, which works on Windows 9xNT platform. The requirement is Pentium above CPU, 32M memory, and 50M or more. Hard disk space, 800 × 600 display resolution, is a powerful analog circuit and digital circuit hybrid simulation EDA software. It can perform a variety of circuit simulation, excitation setup, temperature and noise analysis, analog control, waveform output, data output, and simultaneously display simulation and digital simulation results in the same window. No matter which device is simulated, including IGBT, pulse width modulation circuit, analog-to-digital conversion, digital-to-analog conversion, etc., accurate simulation results can be obtained. For component modules that are not in the library, you can also edit them yourself. Its URL on the Internet is the same as that of ORCAD.

EWB circuit simulation

EWB (ELECTRONICS WORKBENCH EDA) software is EDA software introduced by INTERACTIVE IMAGE TECHNOLOGIES Ltd in the early 1990s, but it has been used in China for a few years. It is now commonly used in the Windows 95 environment EWB 5.0, compared to other EDA software, it is a small software, only 16M, the function is relatively single, is the hybrid simulation of analog and digital circuits, but you It must not be underestimated. Its simulation function is very powerful, it simulates the results of real circuits almost 100%, and it provides a multimeter, oscilloscope, signal generator, sweeper, logic analyzer, digital signal generator on the desktop. Tools such as logic converters, and its device library contains many transistor components, integrated circuits and digital gate circuit chips. Components not included in the device library can also be imported by external modules. Among the many circuit simulation software, EWB is the easiest to get started. Its working interface is very intuitive. The schematic and various tools are in the same window. Those who have not touched it can use it very skillfully. The software. It is an excellent EDA tool for circuit designers. Many circuits don't need to use a soldering iron to know the result, and if you want to replace components or change component parameters, just click the mouse. It can also be used as an auxiliary teaching software for electrical knowledge, which can be used to directly see the output waveforms of various circuits from the screen. EWB compatibility is also good, its file format can be exported to a format that can be read by ORCAD or PROTEL. The software is only available in English. In Chinese version of Windows 98, some of its icons are offset by two locations (on Windows). 95 is normal, but does not affect its use, it is one of my favorite EDA software (the software was introduced in detail in the 34th edition of the 34th issue of 1999).

VISIO chart production

Many people think that VISIO is not an EDA software, but I have used it for all the MCU program flow charts and circuit test flow charts and process flow diagrams for many years, so it is considered to be half EDA software. It is the software that VISIO introduced in 1991 for making charts. In the early days it was mainly used as a business charter, and as the version continued to increase, many new features were added. VISIO 4.0 is a multi-functional flow chart making software. It is very popular among software workers after entering the country. Nowadays, VISIO 5.0 is widely used in Windows 95 environment, and the full installation capacity is nearly 100MB. Its interface is friendly and easy to operate, but it has powerful functions and can draw a variety of flow charts. It is not only limited to the commercial, software and circuit design fields, but also for all software designers. Less tools, flow charts that can be used to make it include circuit flow diagrams, process flow diagrams, program flow diagrams, organizational charts, business marketing diagrams, office layouts, orientation maps... integrated in Microsoft's OFFICE 97 Part of VISIO 4.0. VISIO has recently launched VISIO 2000, which is divided into Standard, Technical, Professional and Enterprise editions. VISIO 2000 is claimed to be the fastest and easiest to use flowchart software in the world and adds more features than previous versions. VISIO is only available in English, but because of its intuitive interface, even people with poor English can learn to use it faster. Interested readers can visit its site: WWW.VISIO.COM.

WINBOARD, WINDRAFT and IVEX-SPICE Electrical Schematic Drawing and Printed Circuit Board Design Software

WINDRAFT and WINBOARD are electrical schematic drawing and printed circuit board design software that IVEX introduced in 1994. Because it was launched late, it started working on the Windows platform. Its files are very small. The installation disks of WINDRAFT and WINBOARD are two floppy disks, of which WINDRAFT is used for electrical schematic drawing and WINBOARD is used for printing. The circuit board design, the interface is intuitive and friendly, you can quickly learn to operate. However, their functions are not large. WINBOARD can only be manually routed when designing printed circuit boards. However, due to their ease of use and ease of use, some circuit designers still use it. IVEX also continually upgraded its software since then. On November 30, 1999, WINDRAFT was upgraded to WINDRAFT version 3.03 and the IVEX-SPICE beta version was released. WINDRAFT 3.03 is still a small software, less than 5M, IVEX-SPICE has 22M, is a circuit simulation software, works on Windows 9xNT platform, requires 8M memory in P-166, software environment requires WINDRAFT 3.03 or above For the WINBOARD software IVEX seems to have given up the effort, the last version I have seen is WINBOARD version 2.03. Readers who are interested in IVEX or want to download the IVEX-SPICE beta can visit this site: WWW.IVEX.COM.

Electronic Workbench v5.0c - v5.12 Electronic Circuit Simulation Studio

Electronic Workbench electronic circuit simulation software for various circuit work demonstrations, simulation of various electronic circuits, scaling of displayed waveforms, simulation of digital circuits, analog (linear) circuits, and operation of digital circuits and analog (linear) hybrid circuits Points such as: waveform, frequency, period, effective value, etc. You don't have to buy expensive full set of electronic instruments, here are: function generator, spectrum analyzer, oscilloscope, digital multimeter..., just draw the circuit first, connect the circuit and instrument wiring, set the parameters of each instrument, set the power supply voltage. , turn on the power.

MedWin v2.04 MCU integrated development environment [Chinese version]

Introduction: MedWin v2.04 is an integrated development environment with Microsoft Visual Studio window style. Supports color text display with syntax analysis, source program breakpoint setting memory, real-time program counter PC display, emulator auto-reload auto-reload, adaptive connection emulator, etc., and supports simulation of full-space program code data space, TraceBuffer tracker. It includes more and more useful functions such as interrupt, timer emulation, and MCU external device status analysis settings, program performance analysis and more.

Features: true multi-module project management and single file operation; source program editing and color characters with parsing; variables, arrays, expression settings, observations, modifications (including direct input of floating point data types); no restrictions on opening data The number of windows, and can be divided horizontally and vertically in the text and data windows; modal window docking function; real-time program counter PC display; source program breakpoint setting memory function; completely real-time real-time source program tracking, single step and Call the return function.

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