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How to use Protel-39 questions and answers

Posted:02:10 PM February 27, 2019 writer: G

Q01. How to make the distance from one wire to two different parts?

You can add rule settings in the rules of Design/Rule/High Speed/Matched Net Lengths first, and then use Tools/EqualizeNet Lengths to equalize.

Q02. Make a PIN attribute of a part in SCHLIB. How to decide is Passive, Input, I/O, Hi-Z, Power,.....? Can you find a description in HELP?

You can click the pin of the part when you make the part in the library, and in the Electrical Type, you can set the PIN yourself.


Q03. How to successfully read the circuit diagram of the pcad8.6 version?

Protel 99SE can only read P-CAD 2000 ASCII file format, so you must first format P-CAD 8.6

Switch to the P-CAD 2000 file format for Protel to read.

Q04. How do I indicate the square of the wire diameter?

You can set the size of the grid to be small, and you can reduce the size of the font and then place the square of the number.

Q05. How can I change the font of all components at once?

You can click on one of the component fonts and use the Global method to achieve the requirements.

Q06. How to print the image in the *.ddb at a time. setup printer\batch type\ select all document?

Just make these several circuit diagrams into a hierarchical relationship, using All document. Print it.

Q07. How to add a VIA to Thermal in the PCB part of PROTEL?

The signal of this VIA can be defined as a signal of VCC or GND (ie, the signal of the inner layer).

Q08. Drawing with PROTEL, after repeated modification, it is found that the file size is very large (swelling), and the import is much smaller after exporting. why? ? Is there any other way to slim down the file?

In fact, because PROTEL's copper plating was caused by the composition of lines, due to intellectual property issues, the "watering" function in PADS could not be used, but it has the advantage that it can automatically delete "dead copper". To the file is large, you use WINZIP to compress it is very small. It Will does not affect your file delivery.

Q09. After the tears are added, the copper is laid again. Sometimes the laid-out grid will be broken. What should I do?

That's because you have set up a thermal barrier when filling your tears. You only need to pay attention to the safety spacing and thermal isolation. You can also use the patching method.

Q10. I would like to ask: How to modify the width of multiple lines at a time?

You must first select the line segment whose line width is to be modified, and then use the global command for conditional collective transformation.

The function can change the width of multiple lines at the same time.

Q11. I would like to ask: Does PROTEL have an A/D conversion function?

If you use SIM and have a Model part, you can.

Q12. I would like to ask: How to read the PROTEL PCB document with P-CAD?

Under PROTEL, EXPORT is formatted into P-CAD2000 AXCII File (*.PCB) and then opened in P-CAD.

Q13. I would like to ask: How to read the PROTEL PCB document with P-CAD?

In your own ddb file (the current project file or another one specifically built for this library) import the .lib file you want to add, and then in the "browse library" box of the schematic editing environment "add/ In the move" dialog box, add the .ddb file you just added. After you select ok, you can find the added one.

The library is gone.

Q14. Can I make asymmetric pads? When you drag the wiring, the connected lines are dragged together at the original angle?

Asymmetric pads can be made. When you drag the wiring, the connected lines cannot be dragged together directly at the original angle.

Q15. Why do you need to convert the PCB file into GERBER file and drilling data and hand it to the PCB factory board?

Because electronic engineers and PCB engineers have different understandings of PCBs, the GERBER files converted by the PCB factory may not be what you want. If you design the parameters of the components in the PCB file, you don't want these parameters to be displayed. On the finished PCB, you have not explained, the PCB factory will leave these parameters on the finished PCB according to the gourd painting. This is just an example. This can be avoided if you convert the PCB file to a GERBER file yourself.

The GERBER file is an international standard lithography format file, which includes RS-274-D and RS-274-X formats. The RS-274-D is called the basic GERBER format and must be accompanied by a D code file. A complete description of a graphic; RS-274-X is called the extended GERBER format, which itself contains D code information. Commonly used CAD software can generate these two format files.

How to check the correctness of the generated GERBER? Simply import these GERBER files and D-code files into the free software Viewmate V6.3 to see them on the screen or through the printer.

Drilling data can also be generated by various CAD software. The general format is Excellon, which can also be displayed in Viewmate. Without drilling data, of course, you can't make PCBs.

How to open the files of Q16 and .powpcb with PROTEL?

Create a new PCB file and use the import function.

The general diagram of the Q17, .protel99se9 hierarchical diagram uses the edit\export spread to generate the spreadsheet but does not generate the components and corresponding labels and packages in each sub-drawing. If you want to modify the package of all drawings at once by using a spreadsheet and then update the schematic, what should you do?

Click on the corresponding option.

Q18. The function menu display is not complete?

If we don't show up when opening some dialogs (for example Preferences option), click the big arrow to the left of File and select "√" in Preferences\Use Client System Font For All Dialogs to remove it.

Q19. Sometimes the toolbar is opened and the toolbar is not displayed.

When designing the schematic, sometimes open the design toolbar, the toolbar does not display, select \customize\tools in the big arrow on the left side of File to set the position of the toolbar.

Q20. The PCB of protel99se6 is exported to specctra10.1 through the spectra interface. It is found that the pads without the network label are gone. As a result, the spectra is routed from the place where the pad actually exists, and the situation is avoided. How to avoid this situation? 

Most involve the import/export of two kinds of software, and most of them need to be manually adjusted.

Q21. How to load simulation and PLD library?

In the simulation analysis and PLD design, you must use the simulation library and the devices in the PLD library. The library file is in \Design.

Sim.ddb and PLD.ddb in the Explorer 99 SE\library\sch\ directory.

Q22. What is the name of the general-purpose device library of the schematic?

The common device file library for schematics is Miscellaneous Devices.ddb.

Q23. How to remove the components such as resistor resistance, capacitor size, etc. on the PCB, have to be removed one by one, is there a shortcut method?

With global editing, all layers are hidden

Q24. Can I use the automatic wiring for the multilayer board?

Yes, just like the double panel, it's fine.

Q25. Can use orcad schematic in protel

You need to generate the netlist file supported by Protel by the OrCAD schematic, and then open it by protel.

Q26. When filling, it is assumed that the spacing in the wiring rules is 20mil, but some devices require 100mil spacing, how can I fill in automatically?


Can be added in the design-->rules-->clearance constraint.

Q27. Is there a good way to set a square hole? In addition to painting on the mechanical layer.

Yes, set on the Multi-Layer.

Q28. How to add blind and buried holes in automatic wiring?

Allow blind holes and buried holes when setting automatic routing rules

Q29. Can modify the X and Y dimensions of the pad in the pad properties


Q30. The line after wiring is obviously too bad visually. Does PROTEL have such a reason for wiring (electrically)?

The result of any one of the routers is not too aesthetically pleasing just by automatic routing.

Q31. How to use the PLD emulation function of Protel 99se?

First, you need to have the simulation input file (.si), and then select the Absolute ABS option in configure. After the compilation is successful, you can simulate. Look at the simulation output file.

Q32. Why does automatic wiring modify the previously laid lines and set them up as if they have not been clothed again?

Lock the line of the cloth first. It should be fine.

Q33. Can the teardrops be added one by one?


Q34. I used a 9-layer board with 99se6 cloth, and it was clothed for 99.6% in an hour and twenty minutes, but it was only 99.9% after 11 hours! Have to stop it

For the remaining few Nets, do a manual pre-clothing, and the rest will automatically reach 100% of the pass.

Q35. I poured the PADS file into PROTEL99SE, why the padding property changed.

Such problems generally require manual adjustments, such as modifying attributes.

Q36. How to set up a PROTEL Chinese drawing PCB board to adopt bus mode wiring?


Q37. How to lock wiring?

First, select this network, then change it in the properties.

Q38. For some lines that may have a large current, if you want to do not apply green oil on the line, you can put in on it to increase the current. How to design?

Simply place the shape of the tin you want on the solder mask.

Q39. How many routing modes are there in the PCB?

Shift+space , Shift+<, Shift+<

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