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An In-Depth Guide to PS4 Controller PCB: Understanding its Components and Functions

Posted:11:06 AM May 23, 2023 writer: ​NextPCB

Interested in the inner mechanics of your PS4 controller? Dive into the core of the device, the PS4 Controller PCB, and learn how it impacts your gaming experience. This article will guide you on the basic understanding of the PS4 controller PCB.

What is a PS4 Controller PCB?

PS4 Controller PCB

A PS4 controller PCB (Printed Circuit Board) is the backbone of your PS4 controller. The board is the house for all the electronic components. This PCB manages all user interactions, from button presses to analog stick movements.

The PCB's design, size, and texture are tailored to the controller's features. It comprises standard computer logic, connectors, and potentiometers that control the analog sticks. The PCB also includes a processor and connection ports, like USB and network, for seamless communication with your console.

A unique aspect of this controller PCB is its LED indicator. This dual-color light (red and green) provides visual feedback on in-game health status. Green signifies full health, while red indicates a low health level.

The PS4 controller PCB has evolved over time, with enhanced layouts, designs, and functions. Some newer versions may even offer improved performance and responsiveness, perfect for serious gamers.

PS4 Controller PCB is the vital circuit board that powers your gaming experience. Understanding its role can help you appreciate the complex technology behind every button press and joystick movement. So, the next time you play, remember the PS4 Controller PCB, working hard to make your gaming sessions immersive and enjoyable.

PS4 Controller PCB Layout

PS4 Controller Layout

Do you ever wonder about the layout of your PS4 controller's PCB? Let's dive into the organization of this essential component and how it contributes to your gaming experience.


The PS4 PCB layout is a well-planned arrangement of electronic components. These include connectors, potentiometers, and processors, all working together for seamless gameplay.


The PCB layout is designed to fit within the PS4 controller's compact structure. It ensures that all parts are in the right place for easy assembly and maintenance.

Analog Stick Management

Potentiometers, key elements of the layout, control the analog sticks. They ensure precise movements and fluid control, allowing you to perform intricate maneuvers in your games.


The layout includes USB and network ports for communication with the console. Proper placement of these ports is crucial for quick data transfer and uninterrupted gameplay.

LED Indicator

Incorporated into the PCB layout is an LED indicator that displays your in-game health. The dual-color system (red and green) provides instant visual feedback, keeping you informed during intense gaming sessions.

PS4 Controller Parts

PS4 Controller Parts

Buttons, Triggers, D-pad

PS4 features buttons, triggers, and a D-pad for better gaming. These vital parts ensure smooth gameplay with unique functions. Gamers depend on these switches for accuracy and fast reactions during intense play.

Analog Stick Modules

Analog sticks in PS4 controllers let players navigate games with ease. Built for durability and precision, these sticks help gamers move characters accurately. Their high-quality design ensures long-lasting reliability.

Battery Holder

The battery holder powers the PS4 controller. It helps the controller stay connected to the console for seamless gameplay. An efficient holder allows gamers to play longer without power issues.


The PS4 controller's lightbar adds visual appeal and important info. It changes color based on in-game status, like health or team. The lightbar boosts immersion, making gaming more enjoyable.

Mounting Plate

The mounting plate holds the controller's components. It ensures stability and durability. A well-built plate improves the controller's lifespan and performance.

Rumble Motors, Wheels

Rumble motors and wheels provide vibration feedback in PS4 controllers. These parts add a tactile aspect to gaming, like feeling explosions. The rumble feature increases immersion, enhancing the experience.


The touchpad is a handy PS4 controller addition. It enables gesture inputs and navigation, letting gamers interact in new ways. The touchpad simplifies in-game actions and menus.


The USB port and PCB connect the controller to the console. They enable charging, data transfers, and updates. A dependable port and PCB ensure a smooth gaming experience.

Cooling Fan

The cooling fan in the PS4 controller dissipates heat during long gaming sessions. It keeps the controller cool and comfy. A working fan extends the device's life, protecting components from heat damage.

Various Types of PS4 Controllers

The PS4 controller's circuit boards have progressed over the years, each version providing distinct enhancements and capabilities. We'll delve into the different types of PS4 controller PCB boards, highlighting their essential features.


It is one of the initial PS4 controller boards. It is the oldest and is of classic design. 


The JDM-011 is the more optimized and updated version of the previous JDM-001 version. This model boasts improved components and better overall performance. It's an ideal choice for those seeking a more refined gaming experience.


The JDM-020 introduces significant enhancements to the PCB design. This version provides a more stable connection with the console and optimized power management. Gamers will appreciate the boosted reliability of this model.


The JDM-030 continues the trend of upgrading the PS4 controller PCB. This process includes the iterative design of layout and work for better quality components. This helps in a better quality controller.

JDM-040, JDM-050, and JDM-055

These three models represent the latest advancements in PS4 controller PCB technology. The motherboard assembly is compatible with the 7th generation Dualshok 4 controller. For gamers, these are their first choice. 

Benefits of Building a Custom PS4 Controller

Building a custom PS4 controller can elevate your gaming experience. Let's explore the benefits, creative modifications, and PCB selection process to help you make the best decisions for your project.

Creating a custom PS4 controller offers various advantages, including personalized aesthetics, improved performance, and greater comfort. Tailoring your controller to your preferences can enhance your gaming sessions and make you stand out among fellow gamers.

Creative Modifications to Enhance Your Gaming Experience:

Customizing your PS4 controller allows for unique modifications, such as adding back buttons, changing LED colors, or incorporating custom artwork. These enhancements not only improve your controller's appearance but also provide added functionality for an immersive gaming experience.

PS4 Controller PCB Buying Guide

Choosing the ideal PCB is essential for a successful custom controller. Consider factors like compatibility, performance, and ease of assembly. Research different PCB models, and choose one that best aligns with your desired features and improvements.

Here are some of the guidelines to consider while buying the PS4 Controller:

  • Initially, research the various PCB models 
  • Determine your desired modifications and enhancements
  • Compare prices and quality among different PCB manufacturers
  • Read customer reviews to gauge satisfaction and reliability
  • Choose a trusted supplier for your PCB purchase

PS4 Controller's Motherboard

PS4 Controller Motherboard

Ever wondered about the core component that powers your PS4 controller? Let's dive into the world of the PS4 controller motherboard and learn more about this essential part of your gaming experience.

Controller's Heart

The PS4 controller motherboard, also known as the PCB, is the central circuit board that houses all the electronic components needed for the controller's functionality. This vital component is responsible for ensuring seamless communication between the controller and your console.

Design and Functionality

The PS4 controller motherboard is designed with various components such as buttons, analog sticks, triggers, and sensors, all strategically placed for optimal gameplay. It also features connection ports like USB and network for smooth communication with the console.

Upgrades and Variations

Throughout the years, the PS4 controller motherboard has evolved, with each version offering improved performance and durability. Some upgraded models may even boast better responsiveness, making them ideal for competitive gaming.

Maintenance and Repairs

To keep your PS4 controller in top condition, it's crucial to maintain and repair the motherboard when needed. Regularly inspect the board for visible damage, clean the contacts, and ensure all connections are secure. If necessary, use a multimeter to test components and replace or re-solder any faulty parts.

The PS4 controller motherboard is the backbone of your gaming device, responsible for powering every button press and joystick movement. By understanding its role and maintaining its health, you can ensure a reliable and immersive gaming experience for years to come.

PS4 Controller PCB Buying Guide: Choosing the Right Manufacturer

If you're planning to build a custom gaming controller or replace broken parts, you'll need to source your PS4 controller PCB components and boards from a third-party manufacturer. Sony isn't likely to sell individual parts directly to you. To find the right manufacturer, consider the following factors:

  • PS4 controllers must endure long hours of gameplay, so it's crucial to choose PCBs that can handle the strain.
  • Select reliable components made from top-grade materials obtained from trustworthy sources.
  • Opt for a supplier that delivers PCBs and components promptly to minimize project delays and inconveniences.
  • Remember, you're building a gaming device, and the parts you use should be designed to withstand the gaming environment. Ensure the components you purchase are certified and tested for compatibility with PS4 consoles and accessories.

Consider PCB automation as well. This process involves using machinery to create entire PCB assemblies efficiently and accurately. With PCB automation, you can receive your finished product quickly and start assembling your custom gaming controller.

Choosing the right manufacturer is crucial when building a custom PS4 controller, and NextPCB stands out as an ideal partner. With high tolerance standards, quality parts, and materials, excellent customer support, fast delivery times, and competitive pricing, NextPCB offers everything you need for a successful custom gaming controller project. By partnering with NextPCB, you can create a reliable and high-performing custom PS4 controller tailored to your preferences, ensuring an exceptional gaming experience.


Our PCB automation machines significantly enhance your semi-automatic equipment's production capacity. Our system employs a standalone router to separate PCBAs into individual assemblies, enabling you to produce and manage more PCBs simultaneously. We also offer a Laser Singulation system for crafting flexible circuit board textures, allowing you to work with multiple designs at once. We're here to assist you in selecting the best components for your project, ensuring a top-notch gaming and customer experience. If you require assistance with manufacturing or assembling your controller PCB, don't hesitate to contact us—we're committed to providing the best possible service.

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