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CAM350 Use Skills

Posted:11:33 AM January 22, 2018 writer: G

CAM350v8.0 above how to customize shortcuts?

A: Blank in the menu bar, click the right mouse button, click customize to enter. Select the keyboard option, select the menu where the command is located in the Category, select the command in the Commands, enter the key you want to define in Press New Shortcut, click Assign to complete. Can set any key.

How to add teardrop in CAM350?

A: utilities --- teardrop, the line from the PAD also need to be able to long, but also leads from the PAD center can be added to.

CAM350 PAD line can only turn round, rectangular, oval, irregular shape and other how to turn?

A: Utilities -> Draws To Flash -> Interactive

How to choose line or pad in CAM350, and automatically capture their endpoints and center points, just as the V2001 in the press S key to select the line and automatically displays the current D code?

A: Press the "z" key, its role and V2001 S same. Sometimes press the "z" may not grasp the center then move the amount of dots, if not yet press "Page Up" to enlarge the mark box. Press the Q key corresponding PAD there will be D code status out.

In CAM350 how to change the designated things into a custom D code?

A: Use Utilities -> Draw To Custom custom graphics D code, and then use the Utilities -> Draws To Flash -> Interactive command, select Define By Selecting D-Code, point Pick from list specify just the custom D-CODE Number can be

How to convert custom graphics into custom D code library (ie saved as LIB file)?

A: The first custom graphics into DCODE, saved as .CAM file. Re-read the .CAM file, directly into the CAP EDITOR, can be saved as. CLB document.

Import file, suggesting undefined D code how to deal with?

A: Click NEXT UNDEFINED to find the D code, manually set the value can be, until NEXT UNDEFINED is no longer bright even if completed.

Inside the CAM350 is there automatic plating edge plating and flow restrictions?

A: The command to add a blocking block is the same as to pave copper. Specific operations are as follows: Menu Add -> polygon pop polygon setting dialog box. If you want to draw a closed area of ??their own draw Draw Border, has drawn a closed area then select Select Border. The second column selected Vetor Fill; the last column selected Dcode; then press Edit, enter the block block pattern editor dialog box. Select a Dcode, enter their own want x, y interval, offset, etc .; Finally save a pat file, the next you do not have to edit.

CAM350 how to fill the polygon?

A: Add -> Polygon, select the Select Border and Fill to Border two, will PolygonClearance spacing changed to zero. The filled polygon must be a closed figure. Click one side of the polygon and click the right mouse button, and then continue to tap the other side. After all the edges are lit, double-click the right button to fill it. Alternatively, you can use the Edit -> Line Change -> Join Segments command to fill all edges of the polygons together.

CAM350v8.0 into Gerber and Dill how to align the location of information?

A: Use the EDIT -> LAYERS -> ALIGN command. Select this command in the think of a PAD on a fixed point on a single left click and then right click to confirm the point, and then click the button you want to move the layer of the corresponding point, then the point will turn white , Double-click the right button to align.

Delete a lot of things, accidentally selected do not delete, then need to cancel the re-select?

A: Press CTRL + click on the part you want to delete, you can restore.

CAM350 how to get drilling information, if there is no mark in the blueprint, cam350 can read out the hole?

A: The Import Drill date directly read the drilling file layer on it.

How to generate drilling program in CAM350?

A: Tools -> Nc Editor -> Utilities -> Gerber to Drill

How does the customer deal with drilling files not provided?

A: You can use the hole into the hole drilling; can also be converted into a line PAD drilling files. When the intersection of the aperture hole symbol is not easy to make Flash, or when the number of holes is not given (general guidance through hole), the above method is better. First copy all the PAD line to an empty layer, according to the size of the aperture after the Flash PAD will be removed after the extra copy into the drilling file can be.

CAM350 how to automatically enter the drill tool size?

A: Micro ----- play (scripts) ------- find pad_drill.scr script execution, select the * .rep file, select the corresponding rep file, you can automatically read the size of the tool.

CAM350 how to check the heavy hole?

A: Analysis -> Check drill completely overlapping holes, the method can be used after the output transferred (output can automatically remove the heavy hole).

After the merge of several boards, how to increase the slot between the board?

A: The size of the hole is selected in NC mode, and finally Add command plus.

How fast in the CAM350 plus a slightly larger or smaller than the original pad overlapping holes?

A: Use Utilities -> Over / Under Size command. Template Layer Select the operating layer, Target Layer select the target layer, Enlarge to expand, reduce Reduce. Fill in the data to be expanded or reduced, and finally select the pad to be operated.

How to do milling in CAM350?

A: The milling path must be a closed path. The first step: first transformation of the outer gong belt (while the first set of tools), the second step, the selected how to go, the third step, derived. Tools -> Nc Editor -> Utilities -> Gerber to Mill Click

OK, and then click OK, Mill path properties dialog box appears, set the feed rate, walk compensation, set the size of the cutter in the Tool table. The final export on it.

Milling in the CAM350, how to change the position under the knife?

A: Tools -> Nc EDITOR Edit -> Change -> Mill Path -> Plunge / Extract

How to compound CAM350 documents into a document, and then open a document?

A: Direct Utilities -> Convert composite or Composite to layer.

How to achieve CAM350V7.5.2 in the PCB file layered print?

A: In the print dialog box select separate sheets, you can print in layers.

How to put two Gerber files of different products into one picture in CAM350?

A: a. File -> Merge, merge two pcb files.

b. Just move or copy the two Gerber layers that need to fit together to the same layer.

Can CAM350 compile some more useful scirpts on its own?

A: Record under the macro automatically record process, the formation of macro programs.

How to choose point in CAM350?

A: Tools -> Bed of Nails Editor, which is the production of the test frame module, before defining the properties of the layer, use the Utilities> Netlist Extract extracted network, to make the test frame.

When the solder and PAD line matching most of the process does not meet the manufacturing capacity, how to deal with?

A: You can copy all lines of PAD to an empty layer, use this layer and solder mask to calculate the extra line PAD to delete, and then this layer as a whole to enlarge 0.2mm (the overall zoom in or out: Utilities -> Over / Under) Finally, the solder mask of tin or block (large copper on the) can be copied in the past. Doing this method must be carefully compared with the original anti-welding, to prevent more anti-welding or less anti-welding.

CAM350 how to use the calculation of copper area?

A: analysis --- copper aere command can be calculated.

When the data is covered by a large area of ??copper foil, the distance between the circuit or the PAD and the copper skin is not within the requirements of production, and if the external dimensions are large, is there a method for rapidly trimming the distance between the circuit or the PAD and the copper skin?

A: First, copy all the PADs of the line layer (the first layer) to an empty layer, and then delete the PAD corresponding to the PAD on the large copper sheet to amplify the remaining PADs as the reduced circuit layer (that is, the second layer) Then copy the first layer to an empty layer, the big copper removed as the third and so on. Laminated way: the first layer (plus layer), the second layer (layer), the third layer (plus layer). Generally speaking, in order to reduce the amount of data, we can only retain the first layer of large copper skin. If only the solder mask to a large copper spacing is not enough, you can put the enlarged (to meet the process capability) of the solder mask copy to an empty layer, the corresponding solder mask on the big copper removed after the remaining solder mask amplification as Second floor.

Note: After doing this in this way, be sure to use the command to convert multiple layers of Composite Utilities -> Convert Composite into a single layer, and then use this layer and the original carefully with the Anglysis -> Compare Layers command Check it out

In V2001 set the negative is very easy, and draw the line can be set can not be seen inside the CAM350 which is not necessarily a compound layer Caixing, or directly to build a new layer set to negative?

A: You can draw a good first, then Tables -> Composites set to a composite layer.

How to output negative film in CAM350 V8.0, for example, LAYER1 is the line, LAYER2 is the gear oil PAD, want to put these two layers together in CAM to produce a negative film, how can we put them two layers together?

A: In cam350 to create a complex layer Table -> Composites --- add, enter the overlay and specify the properties can be.

How to use the CAM350 Shen Jin area?

A: Shen Jin is considered solder mask area, gold is the line area.

CAM350 in the Analysis of the Copper Area can count, the top and bottom open, in the dialog box, select compute with drill information can be.

Inside the CAM350 how to row plate?

A: utilities -> panelization -> panel editor

CAM350 how to get chamfered?

A: Edit -> Line change -> Chamfer (fillet fillet), and then set the angle on it.

How to add text in CAM350?

A: Add -> Text, add text to specify the circular d code, direct selection of a round D code, not too much. You can also press A in the CAM350 to dial the aperture table, select or customize the circular D code!

How to add Chinese character in CAM350?

A: a.cam350 does not support Chinese, you can add in the autocad and then import cam350. AutoCAD can be exported DXF and HPGL files, DXF although the deformation will be loaded in CAM350, but if you choose when loading the font, it is possible. And into HPGL, then fill it.

b. PROTEL plus the word and then export the GER file.

c. Transferred with UCAM.

CAM350 can add English, numbers and Chinese characters, with CAD turned over the line seems to be deformed, whether there is a way to make the font does not distort?

A: Cam350 can add English and numbers, with add -> text command. If it is the font of the cad file, you can crack the cad font in the cad software, fill it with the fill command on it.

How to add a variety of logo LOGO PCB silk screen layer, what tools to use software?

A: If your Logo is already a Gerber file, you can directly read the CAM350, and then copied to the silk screen layer on the line; BMP file can be used BMP2PCB software, and then use Protel into Gerber became; if it is AutoCAD format files, you can use AutoCAD to convert DXF format CAM350 read on the line.

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