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Knock Down Barriers to Innovation with Free Prototype PCB Assembly and 50% off Batch PCB Assembly from HQ NextPCB

Posted:06:34 PM August 03, 2023 writer: Carmen Zheng

Product development costs can run into the tens of thousands of dollars alone depending on the type of product. These costs pose a significant risk, especially for smaller businesses and are the number one obstacle preventing potentially great ideas from being explored.

In support of electronics innovation, HQ NextPCB is offering a helping hand to individual developers and businesses to fully explore their ideas and help bring them to those who need them. In addition to the highly popular free PCB assembly offer, HQ NextPCB is now offering 50% off PCB assembly for small batches of 100 pieces, slashing costs on another vital stepping stone to producing at scale.

HQ NextPCB has over 15 years of electronics manufacturing expertise that serves big names such as Xiaomi, Panasonic and Analog Devices as well as a diverse mix of start-ups, contractors and small businesses.

With HQ NextPCB, users can take advantage of state-of-the-art ISO9001 production facilities and capabilities, streamlined production management thanks to our self-developed MES system, rigorous supply chain management and global parts procurement from a single vendor. With dedicated facilities for prototype and mass production PCB fabrication and assembly, businesses can enjoy seamless progression towards bulk production with the same friendly faces from their personal team.

To assist small and medium-sized businesses in bringing new products to market, NextPCB is now offering two promotions for turnkey PCB assembly: Free assembly for 5 pieces PCBA and 50% off PCBA for 100 pieces.


How to get free PCB assembly for 5 pieces?

For free PCB assembly, no coupon code or application required. Just go to the PCB assembly order page and follow the step-by-step instructions. If your order fulfills the free assembly conditions, the assembly, setup and operation fees will automatically be deducted on the spot and you only pay for the PCB, components and shipping. The free assembly offer can be used multiple times.

See the savings on the quotation page directly. This example saves 72% off the original price



- PCBA quantity limited to 5 pieces. PCB quantity is not limited
- 30 or fewer unique parts (BOM lines)
- No more than 100 parts per board

Conditions: See below

To give you an idea of what 30 unique parts include, boards like these can be assembled for free:

Arduino Uno (excluding the headers, Raspberry Pico and Compute Module carrier boards assembled for free? Yes


How to get 50% off PCB assembly for 100 pieces?

All users who log into their HQ Electronics account will receive a 50% off PCB assembly coupon. To use it, add the qualifying order to your shopping basket and select the coupon at the checkout. The coupon can only be used once.

The coupon can be found in your account after logging in


The coupon will appear on qualifying orders in your shopping cart. Select the coupon and click Confirm to apply it


The discount will be shown at the bottom. Proceed to the checkout to continue with payment



- PCBA quantity must be 100 pieces. PCB quantity is not limited.
- Assembly fees must be equal to or greater than $300 USD

Conditions for both offers:

- Available to all NextPCB customers, old and new
- End date: The event will end on December 31, 2026. We reserve the right to modify the final date
- 0201 chip size passives and BGA assembly, non-standard requirements may incur additional fees
- Cannot be used on assembly-only orders (full consignment)
- Free assembly offer does not include the cost of components or assembly materials
- 50% off PCB assembly only applies to assembly fees and cannot be used with other coupons.

Upload Your Files for Final Price Now


Why choose Turnkey PCB Assembly from HQ NextPCB? 

Smart Quoting

Component costs are synchronized with Digikey, Mouser, HQ Online and more. As well as being up-to-date with the latest prices, this allows us to provide...

Fast Unlimited Quotations

No waiting around for manual quoting. Get full turnkey PCBA quotations in seconds as many times as you want.

Transparent Breakdowns

View individual component costs and a breakdown of the PCBA costs to see where your money is going.

Simple to use

Just upload the Gerber and BOM files for a complete quotation in seconds, no lengthy order process or account creation required (although an account is required to place orders)

In addition to the smart quotation platform, NextPCB's PCB Assembly service provides:

High-accuracy machine assembly including 0201 parts, BGA, mixed surface-mount and through-hole parts assembly, single and double-sided assembly and more.  

Professional RoHS-compliant machine-assembled PCBA made with 15 years of experience in accordance with IPC guidelines and ISO quality management systems.

Free professional Design for Assembly (DFA) review with every order verifies all your footprints match and looks out for common assembly issues.

Exceptional one-on-one customer service and professional account managers.

Ultra-low costs straight from the manufacturer - not a broker

‒ Order confirmation to shipment from just 7 working days.

In addition, we also offer dedicated enterprise services, including but not limited to Factory audit assistance, Flexible Net 30 payment plans and Pre-purchasing parts and storing them in the NextPCB warehouse.
*See How to get fast PCBA from 5 working days

NextPCB offers the best value for money in the market with rich capabilities, quality, speed and customer service. Whether you are developing a new product or a one-off project, there is no excuse not to give us a try. Visit the PCBA order page or try the links below to get started.



See how much you can save on PCB Assembly now


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