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Why does NextPCB need to be highly reliable?

Posted:10:28 AM July 21, 2020 writer: NextPCB

Reliability equals to a lifeline, which matters a lot to the success of electronic products and the electronic industry. For a product, reliability is a guarantee for the performance of the product. If the product is unreliable, the technical performance will not be used well even if it is good. " In other words, "high reliability" means that the product has a longer lifespan, and there are few or no failures during the product life cycle!

With the rapid development of science and technology, various industries have put higher and higher requirements on the reliability of the product. It has become an indicator for the inspection and evaluation of product quality, and an important part for enterprises to enhance competitiveness and brand image!

The importance of high reliability to enhance the competitiveness of electronic products market

1.1 The importance of PCB high reliability

1.1.1 Only PCB with high reliability can meet the development needs of customers' market

Nowadays, one of the special features for the development of the technology is that the structure is very complicated. The outstanding sign is that the need for a variety of components and the complex for the data, and PCB is the core carrier to link the electronic product and components. As known to all, the more components and more layers, the higher requirements for the capabilities, so it will be more strict to the PCB reliability. Put another way, only PCB with high reliability can meet the needs of customers. 

high reliability


1.1.2 PCB with high reliability can assist customers to increase the competitiveness in the market

Before World War II, Japan’s electronic products were once returned by customers in bulk due to poor reliability, and it was almost forced to withdraw from the international market. After World War II, Japan has summed up the lessons and continuously improved the reliability level of electronic products. For this reason that Japan was able to greatly improve the market competitiveness and strongly seize a huge international market share. 

Due to the double impact of the financial crisis and 2019nCoV, Competition in the international market is particularly fierce. For NextPCB, we can help our customers to improve their brand reputation and market competitiveness only by effectively improving the reliability of PCB.

1.1.3 PCB with high reliability can help customers obtain higher economic benefits

In 1961, at least 25% of the US Department of Defense budget was for maintenance. In order to improve the reliability of a product, Westinghouse has conducted a comprehensive review and found out that increasing the level of reliability can greatly reduce the maintenance cost of electronic equipment. Most of the people think that the cost of the production and management for the reliability will be a little higher, but it will lead to a lower failure rate. NextPCB will be obsessed with manufacturing reliable PCB to help our customers achieve maximum economic benefits. 

The analysis of PCB failure and its consequences

PCB failure is highly related to reliability and the failure consequences caused by low PCB reliability are also very shocking.

pcb failure 1

As the carrier of electronic components and the hub of circuit signal transmission, PCB has become one of the most important parts of electronic products. Its level of quality and reliability directly determine the quality and reliability of the electronic machine.
As electronic products become more compact, lightweight, multi-functional, and continue to promote environmental requirements such as lead-free and halogen-free, the PCB industry is developing in the direction of "thin lines, small holes, multilayers, thin boards, high TG, high frequency, high speed, high density, environmental protection". This leads to the internal structure of the PCB is increasingly complex, which greatly affects reliability.

pcb failur

The causes of PCB failure are various, such as corrosion failure of PTH hole copper, open circuit failure caused by cracks at the bottom of HDI blind holes, layered bursting plate failure, and open and short circuit failure. Different types of failures will ultimately affect maintenance costs, operating efficiency, economic benefits, brand image, and may even endanger property safety, and national security!

High reliability comes from NextPCB high-quality standards and high production requirements

High reliability is a clear banner for enterprises to stand on the market, empower customers, and fulfill social responsibilities. Since the establishment of the brand, NextPCB has devoted to the reliability, high investment, high standards, and high requirements.


high standards

2.1 Organisational Goal: Create a company with a high sense of social responsibility

Make great ambitions to help customers! NextPCB strives to build a highly reliable PCB and fulfill its social responsibilities as the common vision of all members. 

2.2 Management Philosophy: Pursue excellent quality, create a great user experience

High reliability is the top priority for our customers to survive and develop! NextPCB sees superior quality, great experience as a guide to daily business activities, and inspires the team's ideas, attitudes, behaviors, and methods to coincide with high reliability.

2.3 Quality Concept: Highly reliable multilayer board manufacturer

Everything stems from customer needs and everything revolves around customer needs. NextPCB now is highly focused on the manufacturing of high-reliability multilayer boards. 

2.4 Realize corporate social responsibility with action

NextPCB mainly focuses on the multilayer PCB, what's more, we are also the first manufacturer in china who advocates free microsection report for 6+ layers. 

reliable mulilayer boards manufacturer

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