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MOSFET Latest Market Report

Posted:02:33 PM October 21, 2021 writer: G

MOSFET is the most common metal oxide semiconductor field-effect transistor. Its terminal applications are in the fields of industry, automobile, consumer electronics, communications, etc., all have different performance requirements for MOSFET, and the demand for quantity is also increasing.

At present, due to the shortage of foundry production capacity and the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the MOSFET delivery period has generally been extended to more than 26 weeks, or even up to 52 weeks, indicating strong market demand and gradually increasing product quotations.

According to TrendForce research, MOSFET, IGBT and Bipolar belong to power semiconductor components (transistor field), which are used as semiconductor switches. Among them, MOSFET accounts for more than 50% for many years, and 52.9% in 2020. In 2021, due to strong market demand, The proportion is expected to increase slightly to 54.2%.

mosfet report

TrendForce further stated that the global MOSFET market in 2020 will be 7.9 billion U.S. dollars, which is similar to 2018 and 2019. In the first half of 2021, due to the high demand in the consumer electronics market, MOSFETs will grow in both shipment volume and average selling price. In 2021, the overall market size will reach 9.7 billion U.S. dollars, an annual growth of 22.8%.

Looking forward to 2022, the consumer electronics market demand is expected to remain stable, and the automotive market will continue to demand from the consumer electronics market and become the main driving force for the growth of MOSFETs. The overall MOSFET market will reach US$10 billion.

Highest industrial demand

From the perspective of the power semiconductor component market, the industry has the highest proportion, including motor control, rail transit, wireless power supply, energy control, smart grid and other fields, accounting for more than 30% for a long time, and it is expected to reach 35% in 2021; Automotive applications account for 29%. With the development of new energy vehicles/electric vehicles, the market for automotive and high-voltage MOSFETs will gradually expand. In addition, consumer electronics will account for 18% of the demand for notebook computers, smart phones, wearable devices, and fast charging heads in 2021, while communications and computing will account for 10% and 7% respectively.

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(1) Consumer application electronics demand: fast charging

Since the transmission speed of 5G smart phones is faster than 4G, and the number of radio frequency components is larger, it will inevitably increase power consumption and power consumption speed. With the gradual improvement of users’ requirements for charging efficiency, brand manufacturers have introduced USB-PD fast charging functions. Currently, Type-C cables are mostly used as fast charging cables. In order to support higher specifications of transmission voltages, synchronous rectification must be added. MOSFET adjustment and optimization, increase the amount of MOSFET.

In terms of materials, with the development and popularization of GaN technology, the USB Type-C PD charger market is changing with each passing day. Chargers with high power density and small size have gradually become the mainstream. The best material to play on.

(2) Communication requirements: 5G base station

The 5G base station is the core equipment of the 5G network. The 5G base station adopts Massive MIMO technology and requires a multi-channel architecture such as 32 channels and 64 channels. While increasing the system channel capacity, the power consumption and cost of the 5G base station are increased. The power consumption of 5G base stations is twice that of 4G, and the reduction of power consumption requirements will increase the requirements for low loss and high thermal stability of MOSFETs. In addition, due to the higher frequency band and narrower coverage of 5G base stations than 4G, the number of 5G base stations to be used will increase significantly. The total number of base stations is 2 to 3 times that of 4G, which increases the demand for MOSFETs. In general, 5G base stations use MOSFETs up to 5-10 times that of 4G base stations, including low, medium and high voltage MOSFETs.

The deployment of 5G networks has increased the scale of data centers and cloud services, and the installation of servers has also driven the demand for power management modules such as AC/DC Converter and DC/DC Converter. Therefore, MOSFETs for communication have also become one of the requirements.

(3) Automotive application requirements: new energy vehicles

The advancement of new energy vehicles requires more power semiconductor components such as MOSFETs to work together. In traditional fuel vehicles, various power supply components draw power from the battery. The battery voltage is usually 24V and 12V. The power battery voltage of new energy vehicles is generally as high as 336V. , 384V, and even the voltage of electric buses must be 580~600V. Therefore, new energy vehicles need power semiconductor components to regulate the voltage between the high-voltage and low-voltage systems to realize the current flow between the high and low-voltage systems, so that the functions of the automotive electronic components can play a role. .

The electrical voltage of the electronic components supported by the car battery is different. Therefore, the voltage conversion must be carried out during the transmission process of the electricity. Whether it is a step-down or a step-up, it changes gradually as the MOSFET continues to switch, so the MOSFET should be considered It is the flowing current and the withstand voltage. In addition, the switching frequency, switching noise, Oscillation Damping (damped oscillation) and DPM (dynamic power management) design should be considered in the application.

With the increase of automotive electronic components, the application of power semiconductor components and even MOSFETs is also increasing. Originally, a basic car is equipped with about 90 MOSFETs. New energy vehicles may require 200 MOSFETs, or even high-end new energy vehicles. It can reach 400. With the superposition of new energy vehicle functions, the future demand may increase.

(4) Industrial application requirements: industrial automation, charging piles

The industrial field is the field with the most applications of power semiconductor components. Most industrial equipment requires the use of MOSFETs, and the industrial industry is developing in the direction of automation. Compared with traditional Si MOSFET and IGBT products, the use of SiC MOSFET in the industrial field can achieve high withstand voltage, high-speed switching and low on-resistance, and help reduce power consumption and system miniaturization. It is the current development focus of all manufacturers.

In addition, charging piles belong to the industrial field and need to pass industrial certification. Charging piles are the key to the popularization of new energy vehicles, and the shorter the charging time, the higher-power charging that adapts to various environments is the unified goal of charging piles, and power semiconductor components are the core components for realizing electric energy conversion. In charging piles, devices such as AC/DC Converter and DC/DC Converter are required for voltage and frequency conversion. As the charging time is shortened, power semiconductor components need to have high voltage resistance characteristics, so SiC MOSFETs will gradually be used in charging piles. Medium penetration, and the development of characteristics such as reducing thermal resistance and reducing switching loss in high-frequency operation.

The new crown epidemic hits shipments, pay attention to the variables of extended delivery

In the third and fourth quarters of 2020, brand vendors and system manufacturers will start stocking to meet the needs of the consumer electronics market. MOSFET market conditions have recovered, and the global MOSFET quarterly shipments will reach tens of billions; stocking and replenishment of inventory will be required in the first and second quarters of 2021. The overall shipments reached 10.9 billion and 10.8 billion respectively.

Entering the second half of 2021, although the third quarter of 2021 is the peak season for traditional electronics industry shipments, the new crown pneumonia epidemic has seriously affected Malaysia. Malaysia is one of the major production centers for IDM manufacturers. Infineon, Renesas, Toshiba and other manufacturers have established local There are MOSFET fabs or packaging and testing plants, the supply kinetic energy is fully restricted, and the delivery period is extended. Therefore, the MOSFET shipments in the third quarter of 2021 may not grow significantly as in previous years. 3%.

Low voltage MOSFET is widely used

If Malaysia’s new crown pneumonia epidemic can be alleviated in the fourth quarter, the capacity utilization rate of each plant can be improved. With the smooth delivery of IDM manufacturers’ MOSFETs, shipments should be maintained at the same level as in the third quarter of 2021. Otherwise, pay attention to delivery. The delivery date may continue to be extended.

MOSFET is divided into low voltage (Vds<40V), medium voltage (40V400V) according to voltage (Vds). The technology, structure, and materials required for higher voltage are more complicated. At present, most of the materials still use silicon (Si), and the development of the third-generation semiconductor silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitride (GaN) has become a trend.

Low-voltage MOSFETs are widely used. Due to their large number, the market has the highest market share. In the first half of 2021, the consumer electronics market has strong demand, and the relative demand for low-voltage MOSFETs is also urgent. The market scale growth rate is also obvious. MOSFETs with Vds<40V will be on the market in 2021. The scale will reach 3.6 billion US dollars; in addition, medium and high voltage MOSFETs are widely used in industries, power grids, base stations, automobiles, electric vehicles and other fields. The market demand is also growing year by year, and it has become one of the key development projects of various manufacturers in 2022.


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