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How NextPCB to resume production much faster during the Coronavirus?

writer: NextPCB March 18, 2020

Glad to tell you guys that NextPCB production has been all resumed.

What's more, now we can offer the PCB prototype for the lead time as 24 hours.


Since the Coronavirus epidemic outbreak in Wuhan, the Chinese government has taken many ways to stop the spreading of this virus and protect the citizens from it, such as blocking the city, delaying holidays, isolating prevention. Many PCB factories have delayed their delivery time because of the virus, but NextPCB took the quickest measures to resume the production and the delivery time.

Why NextPCB production is resumed much faster?

● The support from the government 

As one of the leading PCB manufacturers in China, the government pays a lot of attention to help NextPCB resume production in order to provide the PCB and PCB assembly to the medical industries and fight the virus with the whole world. Moreover, the staff in NextPCB has followed the government policies strictly, like full-range disinfection every day, staff temperature measurement three times a day, must wear a mask during work, etc. Now things are going well in NextPCB and all the products have been resumed.

● Professional Management 

NextPCB has been specializing in the PCB prototype and PCB assembly for over 10 years. We have a set of strict policies with the supplies supplier management, warehouse management, production management, quality management, and order delivery management. Plus, Now NextPCB hired more than 40 people to our factories so that we can be sure of the punctual delivery time and our customers receiving PCB in time.

● Efficient PCB and PCB Assembly manufacturing 

NextPCB is equipped with a professional data system to help us to easily produce PCB and assembly projects. The PCB you ordered from us will be doubled checked by our engineer in a few minutes, then your circuit board will be produced right away.

●3+ Factories for PCB prototype, PCB manufacturing, and PCB Assembly

NextPCB has been serving the customers of PCB and PCB assembly all over the world for the last 15 years. We also own three factories of PCB and PCB Assembly to assure you the competitive price while AOI and X-ray testing in the factory to ensure quality control. Now NextPCB delivers PCBs and PCB assembly projects to our 3000+ customers all over the world. 

●Advanced production and testing facilities

NextPCB dedicates to achieve modern advanced production and upgrade the testing facilities, introduced from the United States, Japan, Germany, and other countries. NextPCB also adheres to the international standards to produce PCB and PCB Assembly projects, so we can make sure that the PCB fabrication the factory proceeds is safe and high quality. 


What we can offer to our customers Now?

●NextPCB is one of the leading PCB manufacturers in China, and we offer the turnkey PCB manufacturing & assembly services to worldwide customers, including PCB manufacturing, PCB Assembly, Sourcing all the components. testing and final shipment. 

●NextPCB offers you small volume & mass production for PCB assembly and the MOQ is 5 pieces.

● High-quality PCB and PCB assembly project. NextPCB guarantees the PCB safety with IATF 16949, ISO 9001, ISO14001, UL, RoHS and REACH Certifications. Moreover, we use AOI&X-ray testing to promise quality assurance for the assembly project.

Instant Quote Online. Ordering PCB prototype and PCB Assembly projects are easy on NextPCB. All the costs and fees are transparent online for you to check.

NextPCB offers PCB Prototype fab with 24 hours fast lead time with DHL. 

●Worldwide delivery, multiple choice of shipping methods, like DHL, FedEx, Hong Kong Post, E-packet and other methods. You could choose the one that is best for you.


Fight the Coronavirus with the whole world.

NextPCB always attaches great importance to social responsibility and want to contribute our own effort to help the world conquer the virus. 

Now, NextPCB is going to launch an activity in a few days, which will offer you a huge coupon, and the best part is we will give away the infrared thermometer after you place the orders for PCB and PCB assembly on NextPCB. In the end, NextPCB sends our best wishes to all of you and we believe we will have our victory soon! 


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