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How to Export Gerber files From Diptrace Software

DipTrace is an EDA/CAD software for creating schematic diagrams and printed circuit boards.
The developers provide a multi-lingual interface and tutorials (currently available in English and 21 other languages).
DipTrace has 4 modules: schematic capture editor,
PCB layout editor with built-in shape-based autorouter and 3D-preview & export,
component editor, and pattern editor.
Comparing Altium and Eagle PCB design software, Diptrace software will be much easier to export Gerber files.

Step 1.Select File -> Export -> Gerber.
Step 2.Click “Export All” and save all the layers
Step 3.After export the Gerber files, we need to export the NC Drill files.

This is guide from NextPCB that how to How to Export Gerber files From Diptrace Software.