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NEXTPCB is the foreign trade brand in Huaqiu company. Huaqiu company, established in 2011, is a one-stop service platform of the electronics industry under the “Huaqiang Group”, which is one of China’s top 500 enterprises. Our PCB products have been widely used in LED lights, computer accessories, medical & fitness equipment, automobile accessories, communication equipment, power supply switches, electric motor, and home appliances at home and abroad.

We are the manufacturer, not the broker. We can provide customers the PCB manufacturing services with the best quality and the best price. We now have a factory with an area of about 146735 square meters and more than 700 employees. As a one-stop manufacturer, NEXTPCB can fabricate the PCBs from the purchase of raw materials, research & development, production, purchase electronic components, PCB assembly, to terminal control.

As a professional PCB manufacturer, NEXTPCB has acquired a series of qualification certificates, such as Hi-tech Company, Software Company/Product, China Value-added Telecommunications Business License, Most Investment-valuable Enterprise in 2018…. In terms of innovation and research, we have got many patents, such as invention patent, utility model patent, and software copyrights.

Our patents:

We take 100% responsibility for the whole processes and have a strict quality control system and scientific management system to ensure high-quality and high-efficient outcomes. We have passed a series of management system certifications as below:

Our workshop:

As we all know, cooperating with manufacturers not only can save much cost and communication time, but also can reduce production errors and have better control in quality and production processes. When you find us, you find the best partner in your PCB projects. As an experienced manufacturer and SMT assembler in China, NEXTPCB is dedicated to helping you become your idea to reality in a high-quality and cost-effective way.

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