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The 7th China Hardware Innovation and Maker Competition National

Posted:06:43 PM December 23, 2021 writer: NextPCB

On December 17, 2021, the Futian District Science and Technology Innovation Bureau and the Futian District Enterprise Development Service Center as the guiding institution, Shenzhen Huaqiu Electronics Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as NextPCB) as the sponsor, Shenzhen Micronano Integrated Circuit and System Application Research Institute, Shenzhen New Generation Industrial Park, Shunwei Capital, GL Ventures, Joy Capital, Cowin Capital, Yunmu Capital, QF Capital, and Shenzhen Federation of Young Entrepreneur jointly sponsored The 7th China Hardware Innovation and Maker Competition National Final -- Hard Technology Industry Investment and Financing Forum was grandly held in NEXT SPACE, a new generation industrial park in Futian District, Shenzhen. More than 500 people including government leaders, well-known investment institutions, entrepreneurial companies, mainstream media representatives, and professional audiences attended the grand meeting of hardware technology.

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The attending guests include leaders: Liu Qing, Deputy Director, of the Science and Technology Innovation Bureau of Futian District. Feng Xiangyang, Secretary of Futian District Non-public Economy. Zhou Shengming, President of Shenzhen Semiconductor Industry Association. Liu Erhai, Founder and Executive Partner of Joy Capital. Zhang Guoxin, Dean of Shenzhen Micronano Integrated Circuit and System Application Research Institute. Xie Limin, General Manager of Shenzhen Futian New Generation Smart Operation Service Co., Ltd., Ai Min, Founder of Dami Ventures. Wu Haining, CTO of Shenzhen Micro-Na Integrated Circuit and System Application Research Institute,  CTO of the Academy. Song Chang, TMT Industry Partner of QF Capital. Yu Shijing, Partner of HouTian Capital.Chen Suibo, Chairman and CEO of Shenzhen Huaqiu Electronics Co., Ltd. (NextPCB). Zeng Haiyin, Shenzhen Huaqiu Electronics Co., Ltd. ( NextPCB) Deputy General Manager.

In addition, Zhifangzhou International Intelligent Hardware Innovation Center, Shenzhen Beta Bay Co., Ltd., Shenzhen CEC Co., Ltd., Xinghuo Workshop (Shenzhen) Venture Capital Co., Ltd., Tian An Cyber Park(Group) Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Shanhuqun innovation service Co., Ltd., and Zhongcheng Intelligent Hardware Accelerator also attended the event.

It is reported that the participating teams in 2021 covered the three major regions of South China, North China, and East China, and the organizer added a new item this year, which is the integrated circuit track. The project covers multiple fields such as chips, 5G, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, machine vision, and intelligent terminal. After fierce competition, the top 13 project teams finally entered the national finals and competed for the championship.

(Image of awards giving)

It is worth mentioning that up to now, the competition has served more than 3000 projects. With the expansion of influence, the China Hardware Innovation Maker Competition has become one of the important events in the field of China's hardware innovation. Mr. Zeng, deputy general manager of NextPCB, awarded the license to the strategic partners, aiming to fully affirm the contribution of all parties to participate in the promotion of hard technology innovation and development. He expressed his gratitude to the relevant units for their continuous support of the China Hardware Innovation Maker Competition.

(Group photo of the awarding)

Shu Qing, Managing Director of Cowin Capital. Guo Jianwu, Founder of Star Vision Capital. Feng Liujun, Partner of Dami Ventures. Wu Haining, CTO of Shenzhen Micro-Na Integrated Circuit and System Application Research Institute, and Yi Jun, general manager of Zhongcheng Compass Technology Smart Terminal. Liu Hui, senior consultant of Sequoia Capital. Wang Haiquan, founding partner of Zhengxuan Investment. Wang Yubo, investment director of Joy Capital, and Zhao Hongzhen, t investment director of QF Capital, the 9 professionals from well-known institutions are Judges of this compete.

(Judges for the final)

The tense final roadshow finally kicked off-13 projects were unveiled in sequence, they are: automotive 4D millimeter-wave radar, GaN power devices and drive chips, non-screen touch smart robots, PINPOINT surgical robots, open-source Hongmeng Watch OS release, high-purity gallium and third-generation semi-material industrialization, the world's leading TFT chip supplier, military-grade unmanned security solutions, the industry's smallest package high-frequency QR gallium nitride controller-MK2697G, Huangli Zhisheng smart call Noise reduction earphones, semiconductor automatic detection, smart semiconductor gas sensors, MEMS high-precision inertial navigation modules and industrial-grade inertial chips.

1. Automotive 4D millimeter-wave radar

2. GaN power devices and drive chips

3. Non-screen touch smart robots

4. PINPOINT surgical robot

5. Open source Hongmeng Watch OS release

6. High-purity gallium and third-generation semi-material industrialization

7. The world's leading TFT chip supplier

8. Military-grade unmanned security solutions

9. The smallest package high-frequency QR gallium nitride controller-MK2697G

10. Huangli Zhisheng smart call Noise reduction earphones

11. Semiconductor Automatic Detection

12. Smart Semiconductor Gas Sensors

13. MEMS high-precision inertial navigation modules and industrial-grade inertial chips.

Each person in charge gave a presentation on the project, showing the technical quality, development potential, and future prospects of the project in an all-around way.

After fierce competition and rigorous selection, the top three with the highest total scores in this competition won the 7th China Hardware Innovation Competition National Finals Champion/Second/Second Runner-up! The following is their detailed introduction:

Champion: The smallest package high-frequency QR GaN controller-MK2697G is a direct drive E-GaN high-frequency QR PWM control chip. MK2697G, its wide VCC operating voltage range (9V-90V) can make it cover the PD/PPS output range from 3.3V-23V without the need for additional windings or linear step-down circuits. Integrating E-GaN drive technology, simplifying the design of the drive circuit, and optimizing the drive design at the same time, can effectively reduce the voltage stress of the original secondary side power tube. Precise product definition, using the small package of SOT23-6, realizes high-frequency and high-efficiency functional design.

Second: non-screen touch smart robots, in the process of the implementation of consumer-grade AI + educational robot products, Wuling created a picture book reading robot-Luka, which empowers education with core artificial intelligence technologies such as computer vision and natural language interaction. Realized multi-sensory and multi-modal interaction such as picture book reading, finger point reading, follow the reading, pronunciation evaluation, etc. Through artificial intelligence technology, Luka can help parents solve the problem of not having time to read picture books, help children develop reading habits, and return from screen to paper book reading. The Luka cloud service covers the world's largest digital library of children's picture books, focusing on the cultivation of various skills such as large Chinese education and English enlightenment, listening and reading, oral communication, and multidisciplinary AI training.

Third: Huangli Zhisheng smart call Noise reduction earphones, this project starts from the physiological and psychological basic principles of hearing, and integrates microphone arrays auditory scene analysis, deep learning and filter banks and other technologies to form a complete integration of Targeted sound front-end intelligent processing scheme which is innovation, realizes the unification of noise suppression, reverberation cancellation, array gain, target sound signal separation and enhancement, etc., and extracts the target sound while reducing noise, so as to ensure high noise reduction At the same time, the effect of low distortion of the target signal is achieved. Compared with similar technologies and products of well-known brands in China and abroad, the noise reduction effect can be improved by more than 15-35dB in all kinds of complex strong noise environments, and the MOS score of sound signal quality can be improved by 0.3 points on average in all kinds of the noise environment.

Mr. Zeng, Deputy General Manager of NextPCB, presented awards to the top three.

Congratulations to these outstanding teams!

Since the launch of this innovation and innovation maker competition, over 600 entrepreneurial projects from the hard technology field have been attracted. Through the exciting competition, the top 13 teams from the four major circuits advanced to the final. And top 3 come up to the end. The competition will award cash prizes for the champion/second/second runner-up, and each winning project will receive 30 million Huaqiu special investment funds priority investment opportunities and joint investment opportunities from well-known institutions such as Shunwei Capital, Hillhouse Capital, Joy Capital, and Cowin Capital. In addition, the event organizer, NextPCB, will provide players with supply chain rights in the future, and electronic enthusiasts’ accounts from the official media will also provide promotional support.

So far, The 7th China Hardware Innovation and Maker Competition National Final -- Hard Technology Industry Investment and Financing Forum has been successfully held. After the competition, the hard-creation competition organizing committee will follow up the rights and interests related to the events, actively promote the gathering of various innovative resources in Futian, create the best innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem, and promote the growth of strategic emerging. companies!


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