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You could get 10% off for your PCB and PCB Assembly order(Click my coupon ). When the PCB and PCB Assembly order ≥ $500(shipping fee not included), you could get a free infrared thermometer (About $50),which will be sent to you separately by DHL, and not returnable. The quantity is limited and every order only can get one infrared thermometer.

Tips:Due to the impact of the COVID-19, the delivery of medical supplies is restricted. At present, the infrared thermometer is only sent to the United States, Japan, 
Canada, Mexico, and Europe.

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About the infrared thermometer

Fast and Accurate

One second temperature measurement, accurate to ± 0.3 °C

Non-contact temperature measurement

Measuring distance is 3-5cm, convenient and practical

IAF&CNAS Certified, Quality Assurance

If you want to purchase the infrared thermometer,

you could contact for more product information

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