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Why NextPCB

NextPCB has been in the PCB and assembly industry for over 15 years, providing
the printed circuit board and assembly service without a broker. We could
cover the whole process including Sourcing Component, PCB manufacturing,
PCB Assembly, Testing and Final Shipment. You could rely on NextPCB
to meet your needs from prototyping quantities as well as small-volume 
to big-volume production.

NextPCB also promises the product safety with IATF 16949, ISO 9001,ISO
14001,UL, RoHS and REACH certifications and ensure the fastest delivery
turnaround as fast as 24 hours with DHL. We dedicate to serving customers
all over the world and helping thousands of PCB engineers to enable their
dreams to come true. Come and Sign Up!

Turnkey PCB manufacturing & Assembly services

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  • PCB and PCB Assembly Coupons

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  • PCB and PCB Assembly Coupons

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  • PCB and PCB Assembly Coupons

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Sales Price of Order

Regular Promotion for PCB and PCB Assembly

  • Only $28
    for 4-Layer PCB

    4 layers, 5-10pcs, 100*100mm,
    Green Solder Mask,White Silkscreen

    2-4 days quick turn prototyping

    Security payment by Paypal

  • Only $0 for
    PCB Prototype

    1-2 layer, 5-10pcs, 100*100mm,
    Green Solder Mask, White silkscreen

    For the first trial order

    UL, ISO, IATF, RoHS & REACH Certifications

  • $4.5 Sale price
    for PCB Prototype

    1-2 layer, 5-10pcs, 100*100mm,
    Green Solder Mask, White Silkscreen

    Fast lead time as 24 hours

    One-on-one sales assistance

    Global delivery

  • PCB Assembly
    Worldwide free

    Turnkey service with sourcing components

    Small and mass volume PCB assembly

    Promised delivery time


You can use the earned points to deduct

the order amount of PCB and PCB Assembly


Earned Points:


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Point of Rules

How to get points?

1. Login NextPCB every day to get 2 points.

2. Invite your friends to sign up and place an order on NextPCB. You could get 20 points by inviting one friend. Each ID could earn points up to 100.

What is the usage of points?

1. You can pay the PCB and PCBA order with points. The available points for each order shall be limited to less than 10% of the order amount.

2 Points are equal to $1.00. For example, if your order amount is $100, you could use 20 points as $10 to pay for the order.

How to use points?

1. Login

2. Choose the PCB or PCB assembly you want to purchase.

3. Click “Calculate” to check the order amount.

4. Click “ADD TO CART” to go to the payment page.

5. Click “Proceed Payment” to choose points to deduct the order amount.

In which case you cannot use points?

Points cannot be used together with order packages, coupons, other promotional offers and boards with special prices.

How to distribute points?

1. Points earned by daily login will be distributed to your NextPCB account.

2. After inviting a friend to login and place an order on successfully, you could check the newly obtained points in My Points.

Check how many points you already earned. My points

The proudest project in 2019

Share your project + #Your proudest project in 2019 + @NextPCB on Facebook or Twitter. We would choose One user who received the most likes

to give a $ 50 coupon without order amount limitation. We will announce the winner on Facebook and Twitter of NextPCB and contact the winner on

Jan 7th, 2020.