About NextPCB

NextPCB is a leading PCB manufacturer located in China. Our business specialize in 2-16 Layers PCB prototype fabrication and small-volume production.

The latest PCB manufacturing equipment keep our products competitive and ensure the consistent quality. The instant online quoting and tracking system makes it easy to place order with us. Constantly updating facilities and systems allow us to provide fast and flexible turn times.

With years of effort in the field, we have gained good reputation for our quality and services. We are proud of fulfilling thousands of orders daily. Our products meet the needs of many different markets, including medical industries, industrial control, aerospace and defense.

Our Business Goal:

Just like the slogan says "Next Day Get Your PCB", our business goal is to ensure the quickest possible lead time. We are committed to offer a full range of PCB Capabilities and any other demanding requests. We strive to make sure our customers are always satisfied with our quality, delivery, cost and services.