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Why NextPCB created HQDFM?
What is HQDFM?
Six Features of HQDFM

Easy to Use (Drag file to upload)

One-click PCB file checker (Correct PCB Design issues automatically with just one click)

Multiple practical tools (Accurate Impedance calculator, simpler than SI9000, and DIY PCB panelization in simulation view)

Instant Quote (save costs and improve efficiency)

One-click File Generator (One-click output Gerber, BOM, coordinate files)

Free (7/24 available and without limits)

How to use HQDFM?



Operation Guide


Technical Support

Basic Introduction of HQDFM software

Why NextPCB created HQDFM?
According to statistics, 60% of the product cost depends on the initial design of itself. 75% of the manufacturing cost depends on the design specification. 70%-80% of production defects are caused by design. DFM has the advantages of shortening the product development cycle, reducing production costs, and improving product quality. It is an important tool for companies to improve product design efficiency and reduce procurement costs.
In the PCB industry, there are a few PCB DFM softwares available on the market, such as Cadence Allegro, Mentor Valor, and Zuken. Although these tools have rich functions, they are extremely expensive and complicated to use.
So, to help the majority of electronic engineers improve design efficiency, shorten the development cycle and reduce manufacturing costs, and also to promote the rapid and steady growth of the electronics industry, NextPCB has tailored the "PCB file checker and analysis" software-HQDFM for PCB design engineers under 4 years' effort.
What is HQDFM?
HQDFM is a professional and efficient PCB design checker for PCB manufacturing, it is an accurate Impedance calculator, simpler than SI9000, checking PCB Design issues automatically with just one click, and users could panelize PCB in simulation view, which could help users accurately locate and correct design hazards in advance, provide optimization solutions, prevent quality defects and reach the goal of reducing cost and improving efficiency.
Six Features of HQDFM
HQDFM software is easy to use and practical. It supports multiple formats on Altium Designer, Protel 99SE, PADS, and formats of Gerber and ODB++. It can quickly locate and accurately diagnose hidden design hazards with one click, offering a one-click quote to show the price and to suggest adjustment directions for controlling manufacturing costs. Furthermore, HQDFM organizes and prepares DFM Design Specifications, and Design Issues Case Collections for systematic guidance and learning, which enables engineers to have a comprehensive understanding of "design specifications" and "price impact".
What are Six Features?
1. Easy to Use

To upload files, you just need to drag the file into the software. (see pic 3.1)

pic 3.1

2. One-click PCB file checker

HQDFM can analyze the common problems of design with just one click. For Gerber files, HQDFM software can not only automatically recognize the layer type, file format, and alignment, but also can accurately locate the problems and offer the solution to optimize the problems with a combination of design-side problems, production-side problems, factory capabilities, and price factors. (see pic 3.2)

pic 3.2

3. Multiple practical tools

HQDFM integrates multiple practical tools, including DIY PCB panelization tool, Impedance calculator (simpler than SI9000), Pads calculator, Routing distance calculator and utilization calculator, besides, HQDFM covers the picture viewing function, CAM350, GerbView and it supports physical simulation view. (see pic 3.3.1-3.3.3)

pic 3.3.1

pic 3.3.2

pic 3.3.3

4. Instant quote

Real-time quotation based on the analyzed data of our will show the details of the price and the lead time, which enables users could easily predict the cost and delivery time in PCB design. (see pic 3.4)

pic 3.4

5. One-click File generator

HQDFM can output Gerber, BOM list, and coordinate files of Altium Designer, Protel, and PADS with one click.

6. Free

HQDFM is free, 7/24 available and without limits.

How to use HQDFM?

1. Installation

Open and click Free Download (see pic 4.1.1), it occupies 512M, please keep enough space for operation. (Please note that HQDFM is only available in Windows systems for now: Win7/WinVista/Win2003/WinXP/Win8/Win10)

pic 4.1.1

Run the installation program "HQDFM_Setup.exe", and select the installation path (you can custom the installation path). Click "Next" to run the installation program, and you will complete the installation. (see pic 4.1.2)

pic 4.1.2

2. Login/Register

After the installation, you could sign in with your NextPCB account or click the button "sign up" to register, and you can use HQDFM. (see pic 4.2)

pic 4.2

3. Operation Guide

You could check the "Tutorial Video" page for more detailed usage and operation procedures.

4. Examples

Here are 8 examples of manufacturability problems discovered by HQDFM. (see pic 4.4)

pic 4.4

Technical Support

HQDFM is free software developed independently by NextPCB. In addition to its powerful functions, it has a professional technical team with 5+ years of Cadence, PADS, Altium Designer, Protel design experience, and with 15+ years of production and R&D experience, who offers analysis and optimization suggestions, as well as
one-to-one communication and assistance services. If you have any concerns or ideas,
please contact: