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DFM is a PCB Manufacturability Analysis Software Tailored by NEXTPCB for Engineers

NEXTPCB is one of the most professional PCB manufacturers in China, has specialized in the PCB and assembly industry for over 15 years (Know More about NEXTPCB). NextPCB dealt with hundreds of and thousands of engineering problems of PCB, and we know that engineers are troubled by high-cost prices, and too much time in product communication. We, NEXTPCB, hope that we could use our experience and profession to stimulate the development of PCB industry and more importantly and realistically, to improve the efficiency of the process of a PCB file to a PCB product.

Therefore, we created the DFM to help engineers to build a low-cost and high-efficiency PCB project. With just one click, you can unearth hidden problems of design in Gerber files and PCB files, and get an optimization plan that combines design and manufacturing. Those mentioned problems above could be solved easily by DFM.

For example, generally, you might believe that the more PCB layers, the higher the cost. But, in fact, there are many other factors that affect the manufacturing cost of PCB, such as Hole Diameter, Min. Track Width, Min. Track Spacing, etc. Hence, when your choice is matched with the mature capabilities of the PCB manufacturer, the price is often the most affordable, which can be easily found in DFM. We create for engineers, certainly, DFM is free for all engineers, and it is very easy to install and use.Have a try to check your PCB!

Easy to Upload Files

For Gerber files, DFM can automatically identify the layer type, adjust the drilling format, and align.

For PCB files, DFM can directly parse it After you drag the PCB file onto the Corresponding position.

All PCB files format supported

DFM could parse multiple PCB formats: Gerber common format, DXP, support one-click export Gerber file/BOM list/patch coordinate file.

HD View

DFM function covers CAM350, Gerbview function and it supports physical Simulation for Visual Effects.

Unearth the hidden problems of design

With one click, you will see the hidden designing problems of your files on DFM SIR. DFM will provide various optimization plans that combine the design advice, manufacturable solution, and lowering cost schemes.

Practical Tool

DFM integrates multiple practical tools, including Calculate Routing Distance, Panelization, Utilization Rate, Calculate, Soldering Pads.

Instant Quote

DFM gives a real-time quotation based on your file and shows price details during the checking process, and you will know how to control the PCB cost.

Use DFM to Optimize your PCB!

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