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One-click Design Analysis for Manufacturability

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Make PCB design more standard Prevent the quality flaw
Accurately locate the hazards of design, optimize performance and productivity
The diagram of visual simulation to ensure complete analysis
Check Gerber files anytime, anywhere and parse it with one click
Instate Quote and evaluate delivery time Reduce cost and improve benefit


A PCB Design Problems Detector, An Engineering Solution Provider

Import the Gerber file with one click. No need for complicated file reading steps to review easily and improve efficiency.

The visual graphics are easy to read so you can make sure that the file contains all necessary data.

Help you quickly familiarize DFM design specifications and production needs to determine whether there are any manufacturing constraints.

Effectively check whether there are hidden dangers in the design files, select available parts, and evaluate the cost in real time.

Provide personalized panel, while precise control of the manufacturing details of SMT and through-hole technology components.

A professional product and technical team analyzes solutions to help you improve design quality, performance and reliability.

Easy to Download and Use

One-click Analyze and Export, Optimize Design and Cost