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PCB Assembly Overview

What is a printed circuit board assembly?

Printed circuit board assembly is also named as PCBA, is the process of soldering various electronic components on a PCB. Once the electronic components are welded, the board is called the Printed Circuit Board Assembly or PCBA for short.


Assembling a printed circuit board is different from a PCB manufacturing process. Through the processes of PCB designing and PCB prototyping, a printed circuit board is ready. Then the board can be applied to electronic gadgets and equipment after assembling all the electronic components on it.


Why one-stop PCB assembly manufacturers are more suitable for customers?

1. Quick turn

In the past, customers need to manufacture PCB and purchase electronic components and assemble them in different factories and suppliers. Much time and energy will be spent on the process, the transit times will also be greatly increased. But most one-stop PCB assembly manufacturer can provide a precise manual quotation in 12 hours, 24 hours online customer service, prototype PCBA in 12 hours, assemble PCB in 24 hours to 7 days. It is a great convenience for customers.

2. Low cost

When customers proof and assemble PCBs in the same printed circuit board manufacturer, most manufacturers will give a discount of no stencil charges, no setup charges, no booting and tooling fee, and even no minimum order quantity. These costs cannot be avoided when the processes are separate. What' s more, transportation expenses will also be saved.

3. High quality

When a customer chooses a turnkey PCB assembly service manufacturer, he/she only needs to provide the PCB file, BOM list and pick & place the file to one manufacturer. Knowing more about the PCB design and technological requirements, the PCB assembly manufacturer will arrange the process of production and components sourcing efficiently. One-stop service not only can minimize the damage risk of work in process boards and reduce the loss of electronic materials during transit but also can control the quality of each process more directly and strictly.


The difficulties for European and American customers to assemble PCBs.

1. High cost in their own countries

There are fewer printed circuit board manufacturers in Europe countries and Americans, which causes high prices and long delivery time for PCB assembly. Even it is very hard to find a manufacturer that can provide turnkey service for PCB assembly. Therefore, professional PCB assembly manufacturers in China have more opportunities to do business with customers in European and American.

2. Language barriers

The differences in culture and language increase the difficulty of cooperation between foreigners and Chinese manufacturers. The problems and requirements in PCB design and production are not easy to be handled in time without efficient communication. Then many foreign customers may be more hesitant when they choose a manufacturer for PCB assembly.


NextPCB is there to solve these problems for foreign customers. As an over ten years experienced PCB manufacturer, besides PCB prototype service, NextPCB also provides low-volume and mass production of turnkey PCB assembly services. In addition, the services as below are also available: Customers provide electronic components for NextPCB to do PCB prototype and PCB assembly, or customers provide PCB and electronic components for NextPCB to assemble.


With complete and advanced equipment in production and test and a well-educated and experienced team, customers can enjoy a service with high quality and reasonable price in printed circuit board assembly from NextPCB. Please feel free to contact us if you need more details.


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