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Components Sourcing

The pace of product development is accelerating in recent years, and the whole PCB industry is facing tremendous pressure for the intensely competitive environment. Shorten product development lifecycle, and deliver high-quality PCBs with low costs are the most urgent issues for PCB manufacturers. Then NextPCB hopes to provide a genuine turnkey service for the customers to meet these demands. Components sourcing is the most crucial part of our turnkey PCB service.


NextPCB' s advantages in components sourcing

1. Rich experience

NextPCB has nearly ten years' experience in components sourcing and PCB assembly. Our team understands the needs of customers, and know that quality and excellent service are the key critical factors in cooperation relationships.

2. Assured source of supply

NextPCB has established a stable relationship with worldwide known electronic components suppliers or distributors to improve efficiency and save costs for customers. Reliable and diversify suppliers can help us control the quality of the components and keep a stable supply.

3. Strict quality control

Top-quality suppliers are our first choice, and they can offer the best components for our customers. We have strict quality control procedures to ensure the quality of all the components. Firstly, we control the purchasing process based on an ERP system to minimize the risk of the wrong purchase. Secondly, we use the IQC incoming inspection process, and sample inspection is performed by visual screen printing and function detection. Besides, we will check and eliminate unqualified suppliers to guarantee the quality of components.

4. Reasonable price

We have long-term cooperation with local and foreign authorized agents, and we can purchase the components with the best price and inventory support. The price is maybe 3%-10% less than buying from the market by customer selves. And we will gain a price advantage for customers by combining different purchase orders.

5. Short purchase period

We have signed long-term cooperation agreements with component suppliers to ensure stable supply, which can greatly short the lead time of components sourcing, and improve production efficiency. For the sample orders, the components can be prepared within 3-5 days if they are in stock. For batch orders, we need to confirm the BOM list with the suppliers. Usually, the lead time is 7-14 days. The sooner we get the right components, the sooner we can start with PCB assembly, and the sooner customers can get the products.


Several options for your components sourcing

1. We supply all the components purchased from reliable and authorized brand suppliers or distributors.

2. We buy all the components from the suppliers you recommend.

3. You supply all the components for us to assemble

4. You provide part of the components, and we purchase the rest.

No matter which option you choose, you can describe your needs clearly to our online services or send the BOM list to by Email. We will quote to you within 1-2 working days.


Components sourcing service in NextPCB is to decrease the time in PCB fabrication, which will gain customers a critical advantage against the competitors. We can guarantee that the electronics components sourcing in NextPCB is high quality at the lowest cost. Customers only need to focus on PCB design; don’t worry about other works like PCB manufacturing or PCB assembly. We ensure that you can get the best solution for your product from NextPCB.  

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