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BGA Assembly Capabilities

BGA is the abbreviation of the ball grid array. It is a type of surface mount technology (SMT) package in PCB manufacturing. This high-density package technology is the result of rising demands for multi-function and performance of the electronic products. BGA is mainly used for integrated circuits with a large number of pins.


Advantages of BGA assembly in PCB fabrication

BGA has been commonly used for mounting high-performance devices including microprocessors for its excellent assembly capability and high-reliability. As a low-cost and high-density package method, BGA owns remarkable soldering performance and precision component placement. More details of its benefits listed as below:

1. Reducing package sizes

Miniaturization and multi-functionalization have become a natural trend in the development of electronic products. BGA assembly technology allows integrating various functions on a single chip module, which results in smaller package sizes.

2. The thinner thickness and lighter weight

BGA technology enables the assemble PCBs with thinner thickness and lighter weight, which is beneficial when producing consumer electronics such as pads and smartphones.

3. Better solderability

BGA has better solderability, which can improve the manufacturing yields, and speed up assembly while achieving the desired quality level.

4. Excellent electrical performance

Inductance is a property that produces harmful signal distortion in high-speed electronic devices. Shorter leads in BGA package means they have lower lead inductance, which helps ensure excellent performance at high operation speed.

5. Better thermal properties

BGA has better thermal properties than other packages because of its lower thermal resistance, which is easy for the heat to dissipate from the integrated circuit boards. It is helpful to avoid high temperatures at chips and prolong the service life.

6. Great stability

The BGA packages have a small possibility of board damage during operation owing to the leads are made of solid solder balls. And there are no pins that can be broken and bent. These two reasons made BGA packages more stable.


Some tips in the BGA assembly process

1. When starting the BGA process, it is very important to evaluate the PCB files, BGA datasheets, ball material composition (lead or lead-free), and the BGA size by optimizing the thermal profile.

2. The best BGA solder joints should be smooth, void-free, and with clear boundaries, and the volume, diameter, contrast, and grayscale should keep the same between all the solder joints with full aligned and no solder balls produced.

3. Sometimes the tin must be compensated by the manual operation when printing solder paste. If some solder balls do not get enough solder paste printing, this will cause solder displacement or short circuits. The quantity of solder paste should be appropriate because bridging and short circuits aren' t allowed for BGA solder joints.


Over many years' practice in BGA assembly with an X-ray inspection machine, NextPCB has accumulated a lot of experience in the right assembly procedure and equipped with many advanced automated machines. NextPCB is very skilled to assemble a BGA PCBs with high quality and reasonable yield rate. Please contact us by Email or online for more information about our BGA assembly capabilities.

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