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BGA is short for ball grid array, and it is a type of surface-mount packaging that uses a grid of solder balls as the connectors. BGA package is nearly the same as traditional packages (such as QFP) for assembly technology. The difference is that the solder balls replace the pins. BGA will supply more interconnection pins than a dual in-line or flat package, and the connecting line is shorter than a perimeter-only type, which leads to a better performance at high speeds.



The advantages of BGA package

BGA is famous for its high lead count, compact size, and low inductance. This technology is mainly used to permanently mount devices and allows lower voltages to be used. Here list the main advantages as below:

1. High density

BGA package is a solution to producing a small package for an integrated circuit with hundreds of pins, which means fewer components and smaller footprints can help to save the space on PCBs. The highly-effective use of PCB space makes it possible to fabricate the PCBs in small electronic devices such as smartphones.

2. Low-inductance leads

BGA package needs a shorter electrical conductor, which means the lower its unwanted inductance has. As we all know, the inductance will distort signals in high-speed electronic circuits. Since the very short distance between the package and the PCB, the lead inductances are very low, which provides superior electrical performance to pinned devices.

3. Better heat conduction

Firstly, the BGA package has lower thermal resistance, which permits the heat produced by IC conduct easily. Secondly, heat can be dissipated easier due to the small size of the PCB using the BGA package. And BGA package has no pins that can be broken and bent. All the factors above can ensure better thermal and electrical performance.

4. Increase of manufacturing yields

The pad in the BGA package is relatively bigger than other package types, so it is easy to solder on a large area, and the PCB manufacturing speed will increase with the manufacturing yields improved.

5. Fewer damage leads

BGA leads are composed of the solid solder ball, not circuit leads, which is not easily damaged in the operation processes.

6. Lower cost

Although expensive BGA equipment is required in BGA technology, all the advantages above result at a lower cost. Less space needed can save material, and the excellent thermal performance helps to ensure the quality of components.


NEXTPCB BGA capability & service

The minimum BGA soldering technology of NextPCB is 0.3mm, the minimum distance from the pad to the circuit line is 0.2mm, and the minimum distance between two BGAs is 0.2mm. Please contact the online services if you have higher requirements.


NEXTPCB also provides purchase service in BGA components at a competitive price, and our team can provide you with professional advice on the best BGA components types to ensure the perfect performance of the final product. Feel free to contact us if you have any ideas in the PCB prototype and PCB assembly.

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