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India Customer pls provide POA /KYC required

writer: G April 08, 2018

Dear India Customer,

In order to ensure your shipment could be delivered on time, please refer to the India customs requirement as below:

Consignees must provide the following information for customs clearance. 

1. Individual:

Aadhar Number (Unique Identification Number) OR PAN (Permanent Account Number) OR Passport Number

2. Companies/Partnership/Proprietorship/Trusts:

Except Importer's IEC (Import and Export Qualification Certificate), KYC Records (Know Your Customer), And the GSTIN (Goods and Services Tax Identification Number) OR PAN (Permanent Account Number).

If you choose DHL delivery:

Consignee in India can visit to upload the importer's Authorisation Letter (POA) and copy of Identity and Address proof (KYC). It is a simple process of one time submission if consignee telephone number and consignee name updated on above link matches with the information on Air Way Bills in future. 

In case of queries please call DHL India Customer Service 1800 111 345 / 1800 200 1345


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