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Allegro usage, tips summary

writer: G March 10, 2018

1. Usage of findbylist in Allego

First bom table for each sheet principle

Then place the labels r1, c1, u1 and the like in another text, taking care not to separate them with commas!

Save the file in .list format (names do not have spaces and any symbols)

Put it in the brd file's directory

Direct find list in allegro

Directly enter the .list name can be selected!


If you only want to operate once in the PCB, you can highlight multiple components (or networks, etc.). The required components can be edited in a file. The file name is suffixed with .LST (such as COMP.LST) and placed on the PCB. Under the physical directory. Note that the file format is a line with only one component name such as:

C1, r1, d1

In this way, simply select “LIST” (generally the default is “NAME”) when highlighting components, and type “COMP” to highlight at the same time.

C1, R1, D1 these three elements. 

2. Tips for simultaneous rotation of multiple parts in Allegro

The following solution applies to multiple parts rotating around one point at the same time instead of rotating around one point.

1). Edit->Move Rotation Point Select User Pick in Options

2). Right click on the Term Group and hold down the left mouse button and drag a box to select the device. Excessive Ctrl+left mouse click to remove.

3). Select the device that needs to rotate as a whole and right click complete.

4). Prompt you Pick orgion left mouse button to select the rotation center.

5). Right click Rotate to rotate.

3. How to add teardrop in Allegro

To open all the routing layers first, run the command route->gloss->parameters..

Click on the pad and T connection fillet and click on the left square

Click circular pads pins vias T connections./OK/GLOSS.

Add tears before adding GERBER. If you want to MODIFY board, you must first delete the teardrop,

Execute the command EDIT/DELETE, and select CLINE in the FIND column on the right.

In the following FIND BY NAME, select property more, select FILLET=, and click APPLY/OK.

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