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Allegro question set

writer: G March 07, 2018

1. Allegro how to set route keepin, package keepin

1) setup-> area-> route keepin, package keepin -> frame

2) edit -> z-copy-> options-> package keepin, route keepin-> offset-> 50-> click the frame

2. Allegro how to generate drilling files

Manufacture -> NC -> Drill Customization-> auto generate symbols

Manufacture -> NC -> Drill Legend

Manufacture -> NC -> NC parameters-> enhanced excellon format-> close

Manufacture -> NC -> NC Drill-> auto tool select-> optimize drill head travel

3. Allegro how to set the spacing

setup -> constraints-> set standard values-> default value form

4. In Allegro, how to change the stack settings after the routing is complete

Select Setup-> Cross-section

If you want to set the board thickness, first define the board material

setup-> materials

5. How to make specttra in allegro protecting manual routing

route-> automatic router-> sections-> all but select-> select the net to be protected

6. How to make specttra in allegro with 45 degree routing

route-> route Autormatic-> Setup-> enable Diagonal Ruoting

wireGride, safety clearance

Via Gride, line width

If specttra error, route-> route Checks can check for errors

Find excess cline in allegro

TOOLS -> REPORTS -> Dangling line Report

7. Allegro define vias to find the excess cline

Create vias: setup -> vias-> auto define bbvia -> create bbvia-> input pad name-> generate

Automatic routing of the designated vias

Setup-> Constraints-> Physical (lines / vias) rule set-> Set Values-> Via list property-> Name

Clear excess cline

Rout-> Gloss-> Parameters

Or find extra cline

TOOLS-> REPORTS-> Dangling line Report

cline cable

Line border line

8. Allegro's gloss feature

45 degree angle conversion

rote -> gloss-> parameters-> line smoothing -> ok


Arc conversion

rote -> gloss-> parameters-> convert corner to arc-> ok


Teardrop and T-type alignment

rote -> gloss-> parameters-> pad and T connection fillet-> ok


Local gloss function

rote -> gloss-> windows

9. How to change the line width in Allegro?

You can define the width of each layer trace in set standard values in Allegro's Setup-> constraints. For example, you can define a line width of 10 Mil for VCC and GND. Pay attention to the definition of some linewidth in shape-> parameters in the copper is set to DRC Value.

10. The use of Fanout by pick

route-> fanout by pick

To bga automatically hit via,

For a device fanout, popular that is pulled out from the pin a short section of the surface or bottom line, make a hole

11. How Allegro Cancels Package to Package Spacing DRC Testing

setup -> constraint -> design constraints -> package to package -> off

12. No Placement Grid was found treatment

edit -> z-copy -> option-> package keepin layer -> offset = 40

Or Setup -> Area -> Package Keepin

ROUTING KEEPIN generally shift 40MIL, PACKAGE KEEPING generally shift 120MIL

13. How to change fonts and sizes in Allegro (silk screen, ID, etc.)

Configure fonts: setup-> text sizes

text blk: font number

photo width: configure the line width

width, height: configure the font size

Change the font size: edit-> change, and then select the text in the right control panel find tab (only change the font)

And then right in the control panel options tab line width line width and text block font size.

Finally select the TEXT you are about to change.

All TEXT boxes that you want to edit can be edited in bulk

When building packages can be set

14. How to move the logo of the component in Allegro

edit -> move, find panel on the right only select text

15. Allegro Find components method

Press F5 and then in the Find panel, Find by name below select Symbol (or pin), then enter the component name below, press Enter, the screen will highlight the element

16. Allegro how the components of the underlying components

edit --- mirror, find column selected SYMBOL and TEXT

17. In the PCB Editor start Specctra method

Click on the menu route -> route Editor to start

18. ERROR Unable to open property mapping file: devparam.txt. Error handling


PSpice-> Edit Simulation Profile-> Configuration Files->

Library-> Library path -> (toolspspicelibrary

19. How to hide copper (the premise is PCBlayout alignment Setup -> User Perferences -> shape -> no_shape_fill tick this option;

20. PCBlayout alignment line size command menu view

Display -> element -> Right Select "find" inside the clines;

21. PCBlayout alignment is completed, the error check command menu

Tools ---> Quick Reports -> Design Rules Check Reports;

22. How to add components in the existing PCBlayout

Place -> Manually -> Adanced Settings -> tick "library" -> Placement List -> Components by refdes;

23. How to use PCBlayout components, stored in the component library

File -> Export -> libraries -> only select "Package symbols" 

24. To add and delete the mouse line in PCBlayout

Usually add and delete in the schematic diagram, and then import the network table, if it is necessary to delete Edit -> delete, select the device you want to delete;

25. How to set the coordinate origin

Setup -> Drawing Size -> Move Origin (X, Y);

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