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Price Adjustment Notice

Hello, everyone. There are some good news to share with you.

1. Cancel Film fee

The factory bought several new LDI machines, and now 90% of the orders are used LDI laser direct imaging.

2. Cancel BGA fee

Using more precise LDI direct exposure and VCP plating exposure, BGA line can be produced by ordinary technology.

3. Cancel the impedance fee

Due to process improvement, impedance board production without special control, but increase the production time. So cancel the impedance fee, engineering fees increase unchanged.

4. Hole density of 100,000 holes / square meter no charge

The factory ordered several drilling machines this December, drilling capacity sufficient, the hole density from the original 50,000 holes / square meter free of charge, adjusted to the hole density of 100,000 holes / square meter no charge.

5. V-cut of 80 meters / square meter no charge

The original 40 meters / square meter no charge adjusted to 80 meters / square meter no charge

6. Add double-sided board sampling option

The new factory has been put into production since July 1, 2017. It has been tested for more than 99.5% of the straight-through rate for many months. Customers often mentioned the simple board can not charge test fees. So we agree the advice.

If there is any issues please let us know.