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2019 Spring Festival Notification

writer: G January 07, 2019

Dear Customer,

Happy New Year!


2019 Spring Festival - Chinese New Year is around the corner, NextPCB holiday arrangement is as below:

Office will be closed from January 31th to Feb 10th (GMT+8);

Factory will be closed from January 31th to Feb 12th (GMT+8);

All build time during this period will be extended by 13 days.

The following delivery form is for your reference:

All batch orders paid on or before January 19th are delivered before the holidays. 

At present, DHL has not issued a holiday notice (conservative estimate before January 29). The freight forwarding does not acept parcel after this Jan 25th. We will handle the pre-holiday shipments with care.


1. The above is the estimated and referenced delivery date for the order paid before 5 pm (GMT+8).

2. Until the holiday, there may be delays in delivery due to staff leave and flight delays. Here suggest you reserve more delivery time. In order to avoid delays in planning.

Best Wishes,

The NextPCB Team

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