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PROTEL commonly used shortcuts

writer: G December 13, 2017

PageDown:Mouse-centric zoom-out.

Home:Center the position of the mouse

End:Refresh (redraw)

*:Switch between the top and bottom layers

+(-) Switch layer by layer: "+" and "-" in the oppositedirection

Qmm(millimeters) and mil (mill) units to switch

IM:measure the distance between two points

Ex:Edit X, X is the editing target, the code is as follows: (A) = arc; (C) = element;(F) = padding; ; (T) = wire; (V) = via; (I) = wire; (G) = fill polygon. Forexample, to edit the component press EC, the mouse pointer "ten"word, click the element you want to edit can be edited.

Px:Place X, X for the target, the same code as above.

Mx:move X, X is the moving target, (A), (C), (F), (P), (S), (T), (V), Part; (O)rotation selection part; (M) = movement selection part; (R) = rewiring.

Sx:Select X, X is the content of the selection, the code is as follows: (I) =inner area; O = outer area; A = all; L = all layers; K = N = physical network;C = physical connection line; H = pad with the specified aperture; G = padoutside the grid. For example, to select all when press SA, all the graphicslight has been selected, the selected files can be copied, clear, move andother operations.

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