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PCB layout design grid set tips

writer: G December 13, 2017

PCB layout rules: 

1.Under normal circumstances, all the components should be arranged on the sameside of the circuit board, only the top components are too dense, can arrangesome highly limited and the heat of small components, such as chip resistors,chip capacitors, paste IC and other on low-level. 

2.Under the premise of ensuring the electrical performance, the components shouldbe placed on the grid parallel to each other or vertical arrangement, in orderto be neat and beautiful, in general, do not allowcomponents overlap; components arranged in a compact, components in the entirelayout should be distribution, density and consistency. 

3.Different components on the circuit board near the pad between the minimum spacingshould be 1MM. 

4.Away from the edge of the circuit board, generally not less than 2MM, the bestshape of the circuit board is rectangular, aspect ratio of 3: 2 or 4: 3.Circuit board is larger than 200MM by 150MM, should consider the circuit boardcan withstand mechanical strength. 

PCBlayout design to analyze the circuit board unit, based on the function of thelayout design, layout of all the components of the circuit, to comply with thefollowing principles: 

1.According to the flow of the circuit arrangement of the location of eachfunctional circuit unit, so that the layout of the signal flow, and make thesignal as consistent as possible. 

2.The core components of each functional unit as the center, around it to layout.Components should be uniform, overall, compact arranged on the PCB, minimizeand shorten the leads and connections between the various components.

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