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Buyer Tips - Format, Spare piece, Special costs

Dear Customer,

Following information for your reference:

1. The PCB formats we deal with: CAM350, Altium Designer, protel99se, PADS.

Note: For gerber files, the vias are processed according to file.

2. If there are spare pieces, will test OK and free to you.

3. Special costs:

1) Panel fee: 

It means, there are different kinds in 1 PCB design, and costs additional panel fee $12.50 / kinds (4 layers for $25). 

2) V-cut fee and Gongs fee: 

If the board is too small and too much array / special shape, which will increase the additional processing cost, so it will be charged according to the situation. 

For example: PCB in special price, each board of more than 20 small pieces plus $5, more than 50 pieces plus $12.5, more depending on the situation.

3) Coil plate costs additional $22. 

4) Custom stack-up costs additional $88. 

5) Large PTH holes that need to Gongs first and then plated, charge $29, and the delivery time is 5-7 days.

4. The delivery fee does not include customs clearance fees or taxes that may be generated locally.

European customers please provide tax number (VAT/GST) for customs clearance.

5. Please let me know if you have any questions, comments or concerns. 


The NextPCB Team