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Activity time: From July 9, 2021 to August 31, 2021

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NextPCB Acquired KIKIPCB

NextPCB Acquired KIKIPCB!

NextPCB has acquired KIKIPCB, and We will share all services, factories and talents we have such as PCB prototyping, small and medium volume production, PCB assembly service and PCB & SMT factories, let alone all component inventory, and hundreds of engineers. Therefore, we would provide customers with more cost-effective, shorter delivery time, more complete products, better quality products and better one-to-one services.

1. If you are a customer of KIKIPCB, you can use your KIKIPCB account and password to log in to NextPCB directly to place an order;
2. For your orders placed on KIKIPCB, NextPCB will arrange a dedicated salesperson for you to follow up and communicate with you;
3. For the current orders you place with KIKIPCB, NextPCB will take over all of them;
4. NextPCB promises to serve you with better quality;
5. If you have any questions, please contact us through the contact information below, or email support@nextpcb.com;
  • support@nextpcb.com
  • +8615013838486
  • +86-755-83643663

Activity Rules

For every PCB order

30% OFF PCB Area ≤3 m²

20% OFF PCB Area > 3 m²

Not valid with any other offers

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For every PCBA order

15% OFF Qty≤10pcs

20% OFF PCB Qty > 10pcs

15% OFF Components

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  • Turnkey Service

    covering whole process: PCB prototyping, small and medium volumn production of PCB, components sourcing and PCB assembly service;

  • Low Cost

    save time by directly ordering from real PCB manufaturer without any broker, and the price is transparent

  • Fast Lead Time

    Fast Lead Time as 24 Hours

  • Advanced Technology

    can manufacture 1-20 layers of highly reliable multi-layer boards

  • Comprehensive Components

    original 1500+ brand material sku 20m+

  • One-to-One Q&A

    24h attentive one-to-one service to attetion the whole process from ordering to receiving

About NextPCB

NextPCB is one of the most experienced PCB manufacturers in the world, focusing on PCB and PCBA for over 15 years. We own 16 invention patents, 31 utility model and appearance patents, 54 software copyrights. And We have been highly recognized and strategicly invested by many "head" investment institutions such as Shunwei Capital, Hillhouse Ventures, and China Merchants Bank.

  • PCB manufacturing service

    Multi-layer PCB(1-20 layers)

    Small batch and Mass production service(5-1000+)

    FR-4, HDI, FPC, Aluminum, and Rogers PCB materials

    24 hours lead time

    PCB manufacturing service
  • PCB Assembly

    One-stop assembly service (covering PCB/BOM/SMT)

    MOQ = 1 piece

    Quality testing: AOI, X-ray, FAI, Flying Probe Tester

    3-5 Days Quick Assembly

    PCB Assembly

NextPCB is the preferred PCB manufacturers and PCB assembly service provider for over 300K customers worldwide, and we are committed to becoming the leading manufacturer of high reliability multilayer boards in PCB industry, serving range from automotive industry, medical care, communications, power and other fields, the company's business covers 166 countries and regions around the world.

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Activity Rules

Activity time: From 10:00 AM on July 9, 2021 to 11:59:59 pm on August 31, 2021

Participants: NextPCB users

Discount orders: PCB/PCBA orders only

Activity Rules:

1. For single PCB order, 30% off for PCB Area ≤3 square meters, 20% off for PCB Area> 3 square meters;

2. For single PCBA order: 15% off for PCB quantity ≤10pcs, 20% off for PCB quantity (15%OFF Components) >10pcs;

3. The discount cannot be used along with other special offers, coupons, and points;

4. The discount is limited to the product amount in the order;

5.The discounts is subject to payment time.