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How to Place An PCB Order on NextPCB Website for $0?
Posted: 10:25 AM October 21, 2019 Updated: 07:43 PM November 08, 2019

How to place an PCB order on NextPCB website for $0?

Dear Customers,

In order to bring the best experience of our products to customers. Customers can trail your first PCB order on NextPCB website for $0. So what kind of PCB order will be free?

Follow with me, Let's get started!

Firstly, please sign up on NextPCB website:


       Click here to Sign Up on NextPCB website          


The first PCB order on NextPCB website will under those things:

1. For your print circuit board size, it will under 100mm*100mm.

2. The PCB order just only supports Green Soldermask, white Silkscreen.

3.1-2 layer PCB

4. The PCB order quantity is 5pcs.

Fast Lead Time as 24 Hours

All of Us PCBs Are Certified By ISO9001 & UL

                       Click here to read more                            

Secondly, when you enter in the PCB instant quote page.

           pcb quote.png             

You can see everything has been chosen if everything is ok for your PCB order, just click the calculate button! Now! Your PCB order is free.


Tip: Your $0 PCB order also needs pay shipping, choose the china post as the shipping way, it also will be free. If you wanna get this free PCB order, please enter your email, and register on the NextPCB website.


When you enter in the profile, please upload your gerber files.


Thanks for your support NextPCB and welcome to place more PCB order in the future. Have you already to meet your first PCB order on the NextPCB website?


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