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Thermal interference - PCB advanced design
Posted: 11:02 AM March 01, 2018 Updated: 11:02 AM March 01, 2018

Thermal interference is an important factor that must be excluded in PCB design. Let the components have a certain degree of heat in the work, especially the heat emitted by the larger devices will interfere with the temperature sensitive devices, if the thermal interference is not well suppressed, then the entire circuit Electrical properties will change.

In order to suppress thermal interference, the following measures can be taken:

1. Heating element placement

Do not place the board, you can move to the outside of the case, you can also separate the design as a functional unit, placed near the edge of easy heat dissipation. Such as microcomputer power supply, attached to the amplifier tube outside the case. In addition, the device with a large amount of heat and the device with a small amount of heat should be placed separately.

2. High-power device placement

In the PCB should be arranged as close to the edge, in the vertical direction should be arranged in the PCB above.

3. Temperature-sensitive device placement

The temperature-sensitive device should be placed in the lowest temperature region, do not place it directly above the heating device.

4. Device arrangement and airflow

Non-specific requirements, the general internal air convection free air are carried out, so the components should be arranged vertically; if forced cooling, components can be arranged horizontally. In addition, in order to improve the cooling effect, you can add components that have nothing to do with the circuit principle to guide the heat convection.

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