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The most critical five points in the PCB design
Posted: 06:41 PM March 22, 2018 Updated: 06:41 PM March 22, 2018

1. The large-area grid spacing is too small to form a large-area grid line The edge between the lines is too small (less than 0.3mm). During the manufacturing process of the PCB, the drawing process is likely to produce a lot of debris after finishing. The film adhered to the board and caused a disconnection.

2. The distance between large-area copper foil and the outer frame is too close. Large-area copper foil should be at least 0.2mm away from the outer frame. It is easy to cause warping of the copper foil and cause it to be curled when milling. The problem of solder paste shedding.

3. The shape of the frame design is not clear. Some customers have designed the appearance line in the Keep layer, Board layer, Top over layer and so on. These appearance lines are not coincident, which makes it difficult for the pcb manufacturer to determine which profile line to prevail.

4. Non-uniformity of pattern design When the pattern plating is performed, the plating is uneven and the quality is affected.

5. Shaped hole is too short The length/width of the profiled hole should be ≥ 2:1, and the width should be > 1.0mm. Otherwise, the drilling machine can easily break the drill when processing the special hole, causing processing difficulties and increasing costs.

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