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The Important Operation in the EDA PCB Design
Posted: 10:53 AM April 10, 2018 Updated: 10:53 AM April 10, 2018

(1) The size of the circuit board is set. Before designing the PCB, first set the size/frame of the circuit board. The design procedure is: first pop-up Keep Out Layout below the edit area → click on the toolbar (only the frame is not displayed)/( Draw a border and display the size) → Start point Click → Move → End point to complete the setting of the board's border. In the process of setting the frame of the circuit board, in order to facilitate viewing the size of the setting process, we need to change the size unit. The conversion procedure for the dimension unit is: View→Togg1e Limits→Mi1/mm conversion.

(2) Single/Dual Board Setup. To set the PCB as a single board, proceed as follows: Design→Rules→Routing Layer→Double-click Rout Bottom→Change Toplayer to Notused/Bottom Layer to Notused.

(3) The wiring width of the PCB diagram is set. Perform the Ru1es/Width Constant→modification to modify the line width of the wiring in the PCB diagram. Normally, VCC/GND is set to 30 mi1, normally set to 25 mi1.

(4) Modification of the power line width in the PCB diagram. Perform a modification of Who1e Layout→Net→Gnd/Vcc to modify the power line width in the PCB diagram.

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